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Eastern Finnmark: Kirkenes, Vadsø, Vardø, Tana, Nordkyn Peninsula

Slettnes – cultural landscape by the Arctic Ocean

Nature is slowly reclaiming the abandoned villages around Slettnes Lighthouse in Finnmark. The 'Footprints in the North' trail in the Slettnes Wildlife and Cultural Heritage s  Read more

Walk to Finnkirka

The Finnkirka sea cliffs at the entrance to Kjøllefjord are a coastal landmark. Yet if you go on foot from Kjøllefjord out to the cliffs, they look very different. Join a...  Read more

Hornøya – Norway's most easterly point

100,000 sea birds, including the high-Arctic thick-billed murre, inhabit Hornøya, Norway's most easterly point. Take a trip there to get closer to the birds than any other...  Read more

Grenselandmuseet - The Borderland Museum

160,000 soldiers, 10,000 civilians, 1000 air raid sirens and 328 air raids: the theatre of war in Sør-Varanger during the Second World War was played out on a grand scale....  Read more

National Tourist Route in Varanger

In Norway’s farthest northeastern corner, where hard rock meets the Barents Sea, where Norwegian culture meets Sami and Finnish cultures, lies a unique national tourist...  Read more

Across the mountains to Skjøtningberg

Skjøtningberg is a remote fishing village on the Nordkyn peninsula. If you walk 10 km (6 miles) over the mountains from Kjøllefjord, you will reach an arctic coastal...  Read more

King Crabs - tasty monsters

Out in the fishing fields to pull in the pots. Suddenly, the deck is covered with huge, ugly crabs. Have your photo taken with a king crab – and then get ready for a king...  Read more

King crab fishing on the ice

King crabs are fished using crab pots on the frozen Lang fjord at Kirkenes. While the crabs were cooking, we took a snowmobile trip across the plateau and into the forest, and  Read more

Steilneset Memorial — "The Witches' Memorial"

The Witches' Memorial in Vardø takes us back to a gruesome period in European history and into the darkest recesses of the human mind. The Steilneset Memorial was erected in...  Read more

Snowmobile trip at Nordkyn

The Nordkyn peninsula, the most northerly point in mainland Europe, could have been made for snowmobile trips, whether in the darkness of the Blue season or the lighter days o  Read more

Vardøhus Fortress – the very east of Norway

This picturesque fortress facility Vardøhus from the 1700s, located at the most easterly point of Norway, does not look overly imposing. Then again, no war has ever been...  Read more

Ekkerøy - a fishing village by the Arctic Ocean

Ekkerøy is a pleasant place to relax in the far northeast of Norway. Visit Norway's most accessible bird cliff and soak up the traditional coastal culture on the shores of...  Read more

Hamningberg – the fishing village of yesteryear

In a region almost completely destroyed by the ravages of war, there is one place that survived. Hamningberg provides a look back into the world of old Finnmark, which is othe  Read more

East Finnmark and Kirkenes

In the far north-east of Norway lies hidden a rugged, bare coast, green meadows and eastern boreal forest. The Sami, Finnish and Norwegian cultures are encountering steadily i  Read more

Borderlands and Sami Homeland

Plains, islands in the fjord, the Gaissene mountains, the taiga and the harsh Arctic coast — the scenery in Finnmark is varied, with wide horizons. Reindeer Sami, sea Sami,...  Read more
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