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Helgeland: Brønnøysund, Mosjøen, Sandnessjøen, Mo i Rana


Under the Arctic Circle you find the warmest, the greenest, the southernmost and the mildest region of Northern Norway. Rich cultural heritage of Vikings and poetry – all in...  Read more

Rabothytta - Norway's coolest cabin

Rabothytta is probably the DNT (Norwegian Trekking Association) cabin with the boldest architectural lines, which it needs if it's to compete with the landscape of the Okstind  Read more

National Tourist Route Helgeland

650 kilometres and six ferry crossings, spectacular mountain formations, tens of thousands of islands, a rich cultural heritage, seabird colonies, an enormous glacier, caves a  Read more

Eider Duck Islands

Humans and eider ducks have a mutually dependent relationship in the eider “farms” of the Vega Islands. Humans offer protection and are rewarded with soft, fluffy eider...  Read more

Glacier hikes on Svartisen

If you want a challenge, albeit within safe limits, we recommend a trip to the Engenbreen glacier, from where you can look down at the green water of Holandsfjord and up at He  Read more

Fru Haugans Hotel — Northern Norway's oldest hotel

The story of Northern Norway's oldest hotel, Fru Haugans Hotel in Mosjøen, has everything from murder with arsenic to strong, capable women.  Read more

Varntresk - a heavenly affair

A city of sleighs on the ice, freshly caught char and smelly, fermentet trout, home made goat's cheese and free access to untouched scenery. Varntresk in Northern Norway's rem  Read more

A week's cycle tour of Helgeland

Not just cycling, but also boat trips and hiking in Helgeland's exciting mountains; if you can spare a week in Helgeland, you can cycle in fantastic coastal landscapes among o  Read more

Træna Festival – 33 miles off the coast

All the cool bands, 2300 festival-goers, intense cave acoustics and the midnight sun dipping into the sea: the Træna Festival is the summer's most refreshing festival!  Read more

The Arctic Circle — edge of the Arctic

North of the Arctic Circle, there is midnight sun during the summer and twilight during the winter. In simple terms, the Arctic Circle therefore represents the edge of the Arc  Read more


The tiny island community of Støtt, with 35 inhabitants, offers gourmet food in historic surroundings, and accommodation in old beds under down duvets. Støtt has always been...  Read more

At Oksskolten – the roof of Northern Norway

At a height of 1,916 metres (6,286 feet), Oksskolten is the highest mountain in Northern Norway. It takes between 10 and 12 hours to get up and down, and the reward is the vie  Read more

Okstindan - 11 summits and one major glacier

Okstindan is a wild and dramatic mountain area that contains Northern Norway's highest summits, a landscape of glaciers and the coolest hikers' cabin in the country. This is a  Read more

Torghatten - the mountain with a hole in it

Torghatten, the mountain with a hole right through it, is not just a beautiful and famous landmark, it is also an easy walk which rewards you with superb panoramic views. Stra  Read more

The triangle churches in Helgeland

In the midst of the rich cultural landscape of Helgeland, sheltered by The Seven Sisters, three Medieval churches have stood for 8-900 years, built on sacred ground and at pla  Read more
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