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Central Troms: Island of Senja, Finnsnes, Bardufoss, Setermoen

Central Troms and Senja

Between a weather-torn, dramatic coast and the distant border mountains and wide plateaus lie the lush valleys with their rich “døle” (dale) cultural heritage. Everything is...  Read more

Senja's outer coast

Senja has two coastlines — a green and gentle inner coast, and a grim, exposed outer coast. So why are the most important settlements on the outer coast? Because that's...  Read more

Cycling around Senja

The best way to experience Senja's steep outer coast is by bike. Try this four-day tour around Senja, and see one of Norway's most dramatic coastlines.  Read more

Killer whales and humpback whales – A midwinter adventure

In recent years, breaching humpback whales and ravenous killer whales have been following herrings into the fjords of Tromsø and Vesterålen. For two-three months in...  Read more

Coastal Route in Troms – from Senja to the Lyngen Mountains

If you are coming by ferry from Andenes to Gryllefjord, we suggest you take a route along the outer rim of Senja and Kvaløya through Tromsø and the Lyngen Mountains to the...  Read more

E6 in Troms

The E6 in Troms runs through the really broad valleys of Inner Troms, and north along Lyngenfjorden with views of the glaciers. Take the time to stop off on your way north!  Read more

Polar Park, an arctic kiss

Wolverine, musk ox and lynx. An albino bear or the rare Arctic fox. Or wolves that pet and kiss those they like: Polar Park in Bardu is a new way to encounter animals.  Read more

A praise to the Nordland boat

You can admire the high-stemmed, elegant Nordland boat at the Northern Norwegian Boat Museum. Nearby you can also see how old boats are restored and given a new lease of life.  Read more


Around 300km north of the Arctic Circle, Troms surprises visitors with its strikingly luxuriant landscape and exuberant and colourful culture.  Read more

Rundhaug Guesthouse

A wooden hotel built for English salmon lords in 1905 ended up at the centre of events in 1940. Now it's a place for peace and quiet.  Read more

Troms Military Museum in Setermoen

Of all the regions in Norway, Inner Troms is the one where the military presence is most noticeable. The Military Museum in Setermoen tells the story of the military in Inner  Read more

Bardu Church – for homesick settlers

When the settlers in Bardu decided to build a new church in 1821, they sought inspiration in the place they came from. And so the community’s most skilled builder was...  Read more

Cross-border adventure by dog sled

Explore some of Europe’s most untouched wilderness, hundreds of kilometres from the nearest habitation, without polluting or disturbing Nature in her long winter sleep. Join...  Read more

Cycling from Tromsø to Svolvær

A cycle tour from Tromsø to Svolvær touches on three national tourist routes and some of the country's finest coastal landscapes. However, it is a surprisingly easy...  Read more

Northern Lights in the snow

Trips by dog sled, snowmobile or reindeer sleigh; you can have a lot of fun in the snow in Northern Norway. And if you’re out enjoying the snow at night, you may also see...  Read more
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