One of the largest initial battles of the Second World War was fought at Narvik. 1,500-metre-high mountains jet straight up from the fjord and entice one to take neverending ski trips and a magnificent train journey eastward towards Sweden.

Ore and wartime drama

Narvik owes its existence to the shipping of iron ore from Kiruna in Sweden, and during the Second World War the port of Narvik became a strategic target. In spring 1940, Norwegian, British, French and Polish forces therefore fought against Nazi Germany for two months in one of WWII’s largest initial battles.

Neverending skiing fun

From up on Narvikfjellet Mountain, you can ski downhill a thousand metres of elevation to the fjord and city below. In fact, you can choose to ski among five different sites in Norway and Sweden using a single ski pass!

Fjords and mountains

The landscape in Ofoten, the Narvik, region, consists of fjords and majestic peaks, best seen on a sight-seeing tour via the Ofotbanen Railway in Narvik or from the breathtakingly beautiful golf course, from the Rallarveien Trail and from narrow suspension bridges over the fjord.

5 popular sights

  • The Nordland Red Cross War Memorial Museum; detailed presentation of the Battle of Narvik in 1940 
  • Narvik Mountain Lift with Midnight Sun Views from an elevation of 650 metres 
  • Ofotbanen Railway to Sweden with fantastic panoramic views of the Rombak Fjord 
  • The War Cemeteries and historical wartime landscapes in and around Narvik 
  • The rock carving in the middle of Narvik city centre

3 popular summer activities

  • Walking tour along the Rallarveien Trail dating from the construction of the railway 
  • Golfing in the Midnight Sun on an 18-hole course in a magnificent landscape 
  • Wreck diving to planes and ships from the Second World War

3 popular winter activities

  • Narvikfjellet Mountain, Northern Scandinavia’s best skiing experience 
  • High-mountain cross-country skiing; take the ski lift up to an elevation of 1,000 metres above sea level and ski over the mountain 
  • Fjord safari to observe sea eagles and killer whales

5 Narvik surprises

  • Narvik holds its annual Winter Festival celebration in February to March 
  • The “Place de Narvik” was erected in Paris in France, in commemoration of the Battle of Narvik in 1940 
  • Norway’s national mountain, Stetind, is located one hour south of Narvik 
  • The Polar Park in Troms County is located one hour north of Narvik 
  • Narvik is Northern Norway’s largest port is the website of the local tourist board, Destination Narvik