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Salten: City of Bodø, Fauske, Rognan, Realm of Hamsun


The tiny island community of Støtt, with 35 inhabitants, offers gourmet food in historic surroundings, and accommodation in old beds under down duvets. Støtt has always been...  Read more

Manshausen: Steigen's natural beauty from a cabin

The view and the landscape are the most important features of Børge Ousland's sea cabins in Steigen. It's up to you to decide whether you need anything else.  Read more

Saltstraumen – the most powerful tidal current in the World

Sea fishing, white-tailed eagle safari and historical delights at one of the most powerful tidal currents in the world. Experience one of the natural wonders of the world righ  Read more

Austervatn — hiking and canoeing

Wild, untouched nature, forest and remarkable, polished mountains far from the crowds; this is Austervatn in Salten. Yet getting here by foot and canoe is surprisingly easy an  Read more

The Hamsun Centre: Battlefield for invisible forces

The Hamsun Centre is something as rare as a building in which the architecture interprets literature. The American architect Steven Holl lets us take part in the dark, large,  Read more

Along the Coastal Heritage Road

The drive from Bodø to Harstad is full of dramatic natural scenery, with a cultural heritage spanning from rock carvings and the Sami to modern industry – dominated by...  Read more

The Arctic Circle roadtrip

The Arctic Circle is the magical limit of the midnight sun. On this car journey you get the best of both coastal and inland landscapes.  Read more

The Coastal Route across The Arctic Circle

County road 17 from Steinkjer to Bodø is one of the most varied and beautiful roads in the country, offering both beautiful scenery and a rich heritage. Here it is point by...  Read more

Cycling across the Arctic Circle

Experience the Nesna archipelago by bike! Take it easy on quiet roads, with short distances and plenty to see and do within easy reach.  Read more

Nordland Music Festival

In the lazy quiet of summer, you can enjoy classical music in Bodø. The Nordland Music Festival invites you to sample classical music, jazz, folk music and pop, indoors and...  Read more

The Steigen Sagaspill

A drama to rival Romeo and Juliet is enacted every two years on the beautiful island of Engeløya in Steigen. An impressive 130 volunteers and an audience of thousands gather...  Read more

A Reminder of the Cold War

When the Soviet Union shot down a U2 spy plane on 1 May 1960, the world was on the verge of a new war, and Bodø was the centre of attention.  Read more

Batterie Dietl

An awesome military strongpoint for giant World War II guns is today a peaceful and very beautiful vantage point; join us on a guided tour of the Batterie Dietl coastal batter  Read more

Glomfjord industrial town

The industrial history of Glomfjord stands in sharp contrast to the coastal and Sami cultures of Northern Norway. Glomfjord enjoyed great prosperity in its boom years, but it  Read more

The fairy tale of Nordland – the coast of passion

The mountains that line the coast of Nordland feature very strange shapes. This is because they are actually trolls that have been turned to stone. Here is the true story of t  Read more
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