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Southern Troms: City of Harstad, Borkenes, Evenes

South Troms and Harstad

Lush forests and strawberry fields below sharp mountain peaks, a rich history and an ambitious cultural programme surround colourful and pleasant Harstad.  Read more

Arctic Arts Festival

The Arctic Arts Festival is the musical prelude to the Northern Norwegian summer. Come to Harstad for a summer festival featuring music from all over the world.  Read more

Kvæfjordkake — Norway's national cake

Kvæfjordkake, Norway's national cake, is a sweet dream made of meringue and vanilla cream. It's a firm favourite for any festive occasion, and an irresistible temptation in...  Read more

Caving tours in Harstad

Inland from Harstad there are several caves. Fred Åge Hol takes visitors on caving trips, where the choice is between an easy cave for beginners and a more challenging one...  Read more

A praise to the Nordland boat

You can admire the high-stemmed, elegant Nordland boat at the Northern Norwegian Boat Museum. Nearby you can also see how old boats are restored and given a new lease of life.  Read more

Historical walks on Trondenes

The stunning peninsula of Trondenes, within walking distance of Harstad town centre, is a treasure trove of sights, all worth a visit. However, it can be just as rewarding to  Read more

Along the Coastal Heritage Road

The drive from Bodø to Harstad is full of dramatic natural scenery, with a cultural heritage spanning from rock carvings and the Sami to modern industry – dominated by...  Read more


Around 300km north of the Arctic Circle, Troms surprises visitors with its strikingly luxuriant landscape and exuberant and colourful culture.  Read more

Sandtorgholmen resort hotel

With a bridal suite from 1750 and the main building in decorative Swiss Chalet style, Sandtorgholmen Hotel, set amidst the richest farming country in Troms, offers a wealth of  Read more

Røkenes Farm

At Røkenes Farm, the 10th generation of the Kulseng family welcome guests to dine on the finest china and crystal in a beautiful Nordland house from 1750. The service is...  Read more

The Adolf Gun – a giant in Harstad

The barrel diameter of 40.6 cm (16”) is big enough to take an adult man, At Trondenes in Harstad, four of these terrifying giants from World War II have survived into the...  Read more

Trondenes Church in Harstad

For 750 years, the tall, white church at Trondenes has been reflected in the waters of Vågsfjord. Over the ages the northernmost mediaeval church in the world has provided...  Read more

From Lofoten north to the E6 along the back roads

On the way north from Lofoten you can choose an alternative route along the back roads through Harstad. Sheltered fjords and lush vegetation, and plenty of cultural monuments  Read more
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