On the way north from Lofoten you can choose an alternative route along the back roads through Harstad. Sheltered fjords and lush vegetation, and plenty of cultural monuments await along roads few visit.

The main route:

On the way north from Lofoten we propose an alternative route through the green expanses of Kvæfjord, through the town of Harstad, through the islands of South Troms and into Troms County’s verdant heartland.

  • Ferry Flesnes–Refsnes, through Kvæfjord, a green and thriving farming village.
  • Trastad Samlinger at Borkenes show artworks created by people with learning difficulties
  • Harstad is the cultural capital of the north, with a rich history. 
  • Ferry Stangnes–Sørrollnes. 
  • Hamnvik is an old trading post on the island of Rolløya, which boasts 17 different types of wild orchid. 
  • Tunnel to northern Europe’s most mountainous island, Andørja. 
  • Continue to Sjøvegan. Here you can explore the caves at Sagelva. 
  • North through Sørreisa to the E6 or to Finnsnes for a visit to Senja.

Road nos. 

  • Rv 83 Gullesfjordbotn–Harstad
  • Rv 848 Sørrollnes–Løksebotn
  • Rv 84 Løksebotn–Sørreisa
  • Rv 86 Sørreisa–E6 at Bardufoss or Finnsnes

Side trips:

  • Hike up Spansdalen to Gratangsfjellet. Several war memorials. 
  • Northern Norway Ship Preservation Centre (Nordnorsk fartøyvernsenter) and Ship Museum (Båtmuseum) at Gratangen. 
  • Foldvik quayside, historic shorefront buildings. Gratangen. 
  • Krambuvika Village Museum (Krambuvika Bygdemuseum) . Old trading post in Lavangen. 
  • Vilgesvarre/Blåfjell: Sami settlement from 1850 (Detour)

Road nos. 

  • Rv 848 Sørrollnes–Løksebotn
  • Rv 84 Løksebotn–Fossbakken
  • E6 Fossbakken–Langmyra
  • Rv 825 Langmyra–Tjeldsundbrua
  • Rv 83 Tjeldsundbrua–Harstad.

More information

The local Tourist Board, www.destinationharstad.no, has all the information.