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Svalbard and Longyearbyen

Welcome to an island realm, with glaciers, monumental mountains and polar bears halfway to the North Pole, offering snow scooter trips and glacial caving in the winter or kaya  Read more

Ice cave tours on Svalbard

Underneath the Longyear Glacier, there is a hidden world of caverns and passages, glittering snow crystals and icicles, all at the cosy temperature of -3 degrees, while the ou  Read more

Svalbard — Northern Lights near the North Pole

The world's northernmost destination in the middle of winter? It's actually easy, safe, comfortable, beautiful and fascinating, with excellent chances of seeing the Northern L  Read more

Spitsbergen Airship Museum

Ten men were stranded in the pack ice north of Svalbard for 48 days in the early summer of 1928: The "Italia" airship had crashed, and the eyes of the world looked north. Spit  Read more

Svalbard Museum — all about the archipelago

Svalbard's rich history and unique nature are the focus of the award-winning Svalbard Museum. Before you venture far and wide on Svalbard, this museum gives you an excellent i  Read more

On a tour of Longyearbyen

The most northerly shopping trip in the world can be made down the main street of Longyearbyen on Svalbard. Here you will find many things you might not have expected to find  Read more

Barentsburg — Soviet outpost

A community of 350 people, owned by Russians and populated by Ukrainians, lies beside the Grønfjord on Svalbard. Visit this reminder of the Soviet Union and the Cold War.  Read more

To Barentsburg by snowmobile

A Svalbard snowmobile trip takes you into the untouched, Arctic wilderness. A white landscape of mountains, valleys, glaciers, frozen fjords, remote hunters' cabins and outpos  Read more
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