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West-Finnmark: North Cape, Hammerfest, Alta

West Finnmark and North Cape

The rock carvings in Alta, Hammerfest’s micro-city culture, the glaciers in the west and the tourist route to Havøysund are worthy stops on the way to the end of the world...  Read more

Knivskjelodden — northernmost north

Knivskjelodden extends a mile further north than North Cape. Getting there on foot involves a long hike, but the terrain is not challenging or difficult in any way. For any ab  Read more

Finnmarksløpet: Europe’s longest sled dog race

1,200 kilometres with 14 dogs over 5-6 days across snowy Finnmark: 160 teams and more than 1500 dogs will take part in Finnmarksløpet, a great test of strength and a great...  Read more

Killer whales and humpback whales – A midwinter adventure

In recent years, breaching humpback whales and ravenous killer whales have been following herrings into the fjords of Tromsø and Vesterålen. For two-three months in...  Read more

By canoe down the Alta River

A summer canoe trip down the Alta River is a wonderful, almost lazy way to experience one of Europe's best salmon rivers.  Read more

Hunting the Northern Lights in Alta

The town of Alta lives up to its reputation of being the place where visitors have a high probability of seeing the Northern Lights, and the little company Glød will take you  Read more

Offroad Finnmark

Offroad Finnmark is the world's toughest off-road bike race, with a 700 kilometre (435 miles) route criss-crossing the untouched wilderness of the Finnmarksvidda plateau.  Read more

Trasti & Trine - Et rent finnmarkskjøkken

Johnny Trasti i den spreke familiebedriften Trasti & Trine har kontakter med havfiskere, bønder, sportsfiskere, jegere og reindriftssamer, og får dermed tilgang til...  Read more

Bird Safari to Gjesværstappan

One of the biggest bird cliffs in Norway is located due west of the North Cape and is home to an impressive variety of species. Almost 1 million puffins live there, along with  Read more

Bygderuta from Hammerfest to Sørøya

From Hammerfest harbour you can take the ferry out to the remote, road-less fishing settlements on Sørøya Island with its dramatic, naked coastline. Choose whether to take...  Read more

By riverboat up the Alta Canyon

The Alta Canyon is the most monumental river canyon in Northern Europe, and the best way to enjoy the scenery is by traditional riverboat. joined a riverboa  Read more

Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel - Alta

Once you have made the choice to travel all the way to Northern Norway, you may as well go the whole distance: put on your woollen underwear and hat, creep into your sleeping  Read more

Alta: the City of Northern Lights in a wintry landscape

The first scientific observations of the northern lights were made in Alta, and with its dry climate, Alta is one of the best places to see them. Add a unique hotel made of sn  Read more

All about Summer-Alta

6,000 rock carvings, riverboat trips up to the mighty canyon in Sautso, the dramatic story of the sinking of the Tirpitz: Alta offers some unique impressions. Golf, summer dog  Read more

The world’s most northerly summer city

An urban surprise along a barren, mostly uninhabited coast, Hammerfest has summer atmosphere by the bucketful.  Read more
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