The rock carvings in Alta, Hammerfest’s micro-city culture, the glaciers in the west and the tourist route to Havøysund are worthy stops on the way to the end of the world at the North Cape, as are boat trips to small communities, glacier trips, bird safaris and fishing trips in still lakes.

At World’s End

At over 71 degrees north latitude, only 2,000 km from the North Pole, the 307-metre-high North Cape cliffs form Europe’s last frontier. Lively Hammerfest is the world’s northernmost city, with its 10,000 inhabitants. Vest-Finnmark is all about extreme geography.

A rugged outer coast

Steep cliffs and vertical drops with plateaus at the top and fishing villages in sheltered spots; the coast is rugged, weather-torn and beautiful. Take part in deep-sea fishing, bird safaris and boat trips to the smallest settlements.

A friendly inland area

The rock carvings from 4,000 to 5,000 years back in time in Alta are indicative of a friendlier and richer inland area. The dry climate means that there are good chances of seeing the Northern Lights during the winter. The fishing lakes and rivers in Porsanger are especially rich in fish.

5 popular sights

  • The North Cape, Europe’s northernmost point 
  • The rock carvings in Alta, which are on UNESCO’s World Heritage List 
  • The Museum of Reconstruction for Finnmark and North Troms in Hammerfest 
  • National Tourist Route to Havøysund 
  • The Polar Bear Club in Hammerfest

3 popular summer activities

  • Bird safari at Norway’s largest bird mountain, Gjesværstappan 
  • Fishing trip in fish-filled lakes and rivers in Porsanger 
  • King crab safari in Magerøysundet

3 popular winter activities

  • Overnight stay at the Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel (snow hotel) 
  • Winter trip to the North Cape 
  • Hunting the Northern Lights in the dry climate of Alta

5 Vest-Finnmark surprises

  • Take the boat from Hammerfest to the small communities on Sørøya 
  • The Defence Museum in Kåfjord tells the story of the battleship Tirpitz 
  • The Struve Geodetic Arc is all about measuring the size and shape of the Earth 
  • The world’s northernmost pine forest is located in Stabbursdalen National Park 
  • Farthest to the west lie the massive glaciers such as Øksfjordjøkelen

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