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West-Finnmark: North Cape, Hammerfest, Alta

Tromsø to the North Cape

There is a particular appeal in travelling to the end of the road at the North Cape – Europe's outermost point. There are modern churches, glaciers, war memorials, trading...  Read more

North Cape in winter; a mini-expedition

Among the candidates for the title “World’s End”, the North Cape is one of the most obvious. Join a convoy to the North Cape plateau in mid-winter and you’ll understand why....  Read more

Hiking over Sørøya island to Kjøttvikvarden

Hiking on Sørøya island, at the edge of the Arctic climate zone, in an almost completely uninhabited region, might sound tough. In reality, however, it's quite an easy hike...  Read more

North Cape – at the end of the world

In the same way as points such as the Cape of Good Hope and Cape Horn, the North Cape is a place that every authentic traveller simply has to visit. The outermost reach of Eur  Read more

The Struve Geodetic Arc

The meridian column on Fuglenes in Hammerfest is a modest monument to one of the biggest scientific tasks in the world: that of measuring the planet itself. It marks the start  Read more

Borderlands and Sami Homeland

Plains, islands in the fjord, the Gaissene mountains, the taiga and the harsh Arctic coast — the scenery in Finnmark is varied, with wide horizons. Reindeer Sami, sea Sami,...  Read more

Tirpitz - war drama in the North

One of the great dramas of World War II was played out in Northern Norway; the gigantic German battleship Tirpitz kept huge Allied forces tied down for three years, before it  Read more

The Museum of Reconstruction in Hammerfest

75 000 people were forcibly evacuated from Finnmark and Northern Troms in 1944-45, 25 000 of whom fled to the mountains. Robbed of their visible history, after the war the peo  Read more

Rock carvings in Alta

Around 6,000 depictions that are up to 7,000 years old are to be found all around Alta Fjord: fishing scenes, bear hunts, animals, geometric figures and portraits of people. T  Read more


Kirkeporten is one of the small miracles along the coast of Northern Norway. This natural arch provides a very special view of the North Cape.  Read more

The Polar Bear Society

The Royal and Ancient Polar Bear Society in Hammerfest If you’re one of that select band who’ve made it all the way to Hammerfest, the world’s most northerly town, you...  Read more

Finnmark with broad brush

«But you haven’t got any colours like that» said the German TV company of the intense pink-purple hues in artist Eva Arnesen’s pictures when they were filming her one...  Read more

The Gallery East of the Sun

Collages in bold colours and featuring strong, simple shapes; Eva Schmutterer's pictures of Magerøya could not have come from anywhere else. Visit the gallery tucked away...  Read more

Hammerfest Church

A modern concrete church in the world's most northerly town manages to be warm, intimate and welcoming. You'll only find paradoxes like that in Hammerfest.  Read more

The Cathedral of the Northern Lights

The Cathedral of the Northern Lights in the town of the Northern Lights, Alta, is a modern cathedral with lines as elegant as the northern lights themselves.  Read more
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