Lush forests and strawberry fields below sharp mountain peaks, a rich history and an ambitious cultural programme surround colourful and pleasant Harstad.

A garden below the mountains

Well protected by high, majestic mountains, the Sør-Troms region surprises visitors with its green fertility, consisting of birch forests and strawberry fields alongside still fjords. Grab your bike and take a trip to the islands; climb to the mountain tops or see Northern Norway from inside the Trollkjerka network of caves.

Colourful cultural town

Harstad is a colourful, modern and vibrant coastal town with good eating places, great shopping and a rich artistic and cultural environment, as well as the world’s northernmost medieval church and a huge cannon! The Arts Festival of North Norway in June fills the summer nights with intense seriousness and rippling laughter.

Vikings, boats, culture

Tore Hund was just one of the powerful Viking chiefs on Bjarkøy. The age-old art of boat-building is preserved at Gratangen. Vilgesvarre is a restored Sami settlement site. The gothic tabernacles of Trondenes Church are of glittering gold.

Five popular sights in Harstad

Three popular summer activities

  • Cycling along fjords and out among the islands 
  • Fishing trips on Vågsfjord 
  • Eagle safari on Bjarkøy

Three popular winter activities

Five secrets

  • Kvæfjord, Northern Norway’s garden, is known for its strawberries 
  • Kvæfjordkaka, a dream made of almonds and rum cream, is Norway’s national cake 
  • Anna Rogde is the world’s oldest sailing schooner, built in 1867 
  • Trastad Farm has a collection of art created by artists with psychiatric problems 
  • The Boat Museum at Gratangen shows all the traditional Nordland boats at one location

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