05.12.2014 - I rapporten under utviklet av AVIAREPS kan man lese om trender, bookingvaner, framtiden og annet info om det Nederlandske turist markedet.

General booking developments, the Netherlands
The number of Dutch that booked a summer holiday increased in week 22 (May 27 - 31) compared to last year. This is shown by statistics of the ANVR-GfK Travelscan. Week 22 shows an increase of more than 14% compared to the same week in 2012. In total over 81.000 Dutch booked a holiday. Overall the summer season still shows a decrease. On a cumulative basis, the market is 4.6% behind compared to the summer of 2012.

Source: TravMag, June 7th, 2013
Less Dutch on summer holiday
In total about two-third of the Dutch population, approx. 10,5 mio, will go on a summer holiday this year. The total number of Dutch intending to participate in a holiday decreased with 300.000 (3%). About 7.7 mio Dutch will spend their holiday abroad this summer and 2.5 mio Dutch will spend their holiday domestically. Approximately 400.000 Dutch didn't decide yet if they will participate in a holiday (domestically or abroad). These are the results of NBTC-NIPO Research that took place mid April about the holiday intentions of the Dutch.

France, Spain and Italy most popular destinations abroad 
Most holiday plans concern a holiday abroad, about 7.7 mio (a decrease of 200.000 compared to last year, -2%). Most popular destinations abroad are France (1.4 mio), Spain (900.000) and Italy (800.000). Italy (+100.000), Czech Republic (+50.000) and Austria (+40.000) show the largest increase. The highest decrease is noted for long haul holidays (-150.000). 
About 2.5 mio Dutch will spend a holiday domestically (175.000 less than the year before, -7%). About 400.000 Dutch have not made a decision yet.

Almost 60% already booked their holidays early April (both domestically and abroad). About 25% still has to book their holidays and 15% is leaving without booking. Compared to last year, people book their holidays upfront and book more often directly with the accommodations. The number of bookings via a travel agency is expected to decrease by 6%.

Source: NBTC-NIPO, May 24th, 2013
ACM hard on booking costs
Recently the Authorities Consumer and Market (ACM) launched a large campaign 'Travel Fares, don't let them pack you' to be hard on travel suppliers that are not commiting to the law. Also reservation, administration and transaction costs, should be clear to the consumer before the booking procedures. Via ConsuWijzer.nl the consumer will be educated on the Pricechecker Trips. 'We closely work together with the trade organization ANVR. Research shows that advertising of flight tickets, private houses and travel packages too often don't commit to the rules of all in pricing. All inevitable cost should be included and unfixed costs should be directly reported. The published rates should be bookable and optional choices cannot be opted in upfront', says the ACM spokesman. 

ACM doesn't want to upset tour operators and airlines. ACM tries to cooperate with trade organizations to change the pricing. Fines will be put on those not committing till an amount of 450.000 euro. Transparence should go up. Research shows that the customer that makes an online booking becomes less price sensitive. 'He wants to finalize his booking asap and is prepared to take impulsively extra cost. It should be totally clear upfront what the price is that will be paid. In this way it is possible to compare and the industry gets a level playing field', according to ACM.

Source: TravMag, May 27th, 2013
A third of the 75+ aged use internet
In 2012 one out of three 75+ aged used internet. More men than women use internet in this age group. Emailing and orientating for information are very popular. Social media amongst this group is hardly used. The internet use increased amongst eldery people. In 2012 about 34% of the Dutch aged 75 years and older used internet once in a while. This percentage was substantially lower than the group 65 - 75 years old of which 75% uses internet. That share increased rapidly the last years: in 2006 this was only 42%. The internet usage of 75 aged, measured in 2012 for the first time, is a bit below that. Under the age of 65 almost everybody uses internet.

More eldery men than women use internet
Almost half of the men that use internet of 75 years and older is using internet once in a while. That's almost twice as much as their female age generation. In the age category 65 - 75 years, this difference between men (83%) and women (76%) is much smaller.

Share of internet users to sexe, 2012

Eldery use internet mainly for email and orientation (search for information)

Almost all internet users email and two third is orientating and looking for information. Chatting and social media is less popular amongst elderly people. Only one out of ten of the internet users aged over 75 and 25% within the group 65 to 75 years use social media. Under the age of 65 years old, this is 71%. Also when it comes to online shopping there are clear differences between the age categories: eight out of ten 12 to 65 years old internet users do shop online once in a while. Within the age category 65 - 75 years, this is four out of ten and within the 75 + category one out of ten. The elderly internet users also use the web for booking travels, reading newspapers, watch TV and listen to the radio. 

Activities of internet users, 2012

Top 10 Facebook Brands by Number of Local Fans 

Top 10 Facebook Media by Number of Local Fans

Introduction Star Class at ArkeFly
From summer 2014 travelers can travel in style to their holiday destination. Arkefly introduces the Star Class on all Boeings 767. This luxury category offers more comfort and five star services on long haul destinations. Star Class is bookable from May 17th, 2013. Star Class passengers are pampered, during the flight but also before departure. At a special Star Class check in desk, passengers can take without any extra charge 40 kg luggage with them. When travelling to Aruba, Bonaire or Curacao this is even 45 kg. After check in, the passengers can relax in the Schiphol Lounge, where they can get snacks, drinks, read international papers and internet.

Source: NRIT Media, May 17th, 2013
Facebook: travel industry is missing opportunities
'In total 42% of all posts on Facebook are about travel. The Dutch travel industry will miss big opportunities if it does not anticipate on this'. This was stated by Dorianne Richelle of Facebook on the eTravel 2013 Fair in Bussum.

The social network states that images, videos and posts on travel are much more shared on Facebook than posts on food, baby's or animals. Research shows that 36 % of the Dutch use Facebook to determine their holiday destination. More than 52% adapts travel plans based on information of friends on Facebook.

Travel organizations should participate in conversations that a traveler has with her/his friends on Facebook. 'Start a dialogue and answer the questions and anticipate on future travel proposals'. Since a month, companies are able to follow their clients and people, sharing the same interests via Facebook. 'This happens without knowing the names of these people, but it helps to follow consumer behavior and to target with advertising'. According to Richelle, a lot of companies still question the return of investment of social media. 'And that whilst the results are so good'. Alitalia for example did sell 38% more tickets after a campaign and the app of Skyscanner was downloaded 580% more after a promotion on Facebook.

Source: TravMag, June 7th, 2013
New director FOX Vakanties
FOX Vakanties appointed a new director as the consecution of Maarten de Ruiter. On July 1st, Willem Jan Makkinga will start as director of this ANWB daughter. Makkinga did work the majority of his career with a newspaper publisher. He worked as a director/publisher for daily newspaper Trouw and he was involved in creating and launching NRC Next. Makkinga is 52 years old and worked as an interim publisher at 360 Magazine, a magazine that publishes international news on a two weekly basis. Marcel Gritter (Financial Director FOX Vakanties) and Greet Locquet (Director Travel of ANWB) are looking forward to the start of Makkinga.

Source: TravMag, May 31st, 2013
2014 Vakantiesalon Flanders (Antwerp)
The 36th edition of the Flanders holiday fair (Vakantiesalon Vlaanderen) will be held from Thursday 23rd - Monday 27th January, 2014 in Antwerp Expo. For more information, mail info@vakantiesalon-vlaanderen.be

Source: Travel2 newsletter, May 3rd, 2013
FOX Vakanties launches in Belgium
FOX Vakanties - according to them the largest direct seller in the Netherlands and subsidiary of ANWB - is now also starting activities in (the Flemish speaking part) Belgium. Sales, distribution and marketing for the Flemish market is done by A.T.C. (All Travel Consultants) in Antwerp, that (after its sale by Jean Alen) is also a part of the ANWB. As from May 7th on, FOX started officially on the Flemish market. The dedicated brochure is ready and the .BE website is live: http://www.foxvakanties.be/. The offer is tailored to the needs and requirements of the Flemish consumer. Flemish guides were also attracted to accompany groups. FOX Belgium distributes as well via the travel trade and is currently in negotiation with a travel chain that has several agencies in Flanders.

Source: Travel Magazine newsletter – special edition, May 7th, 2013
Cruise & Ferry World becomes CLIA Belgium & Luxemburg 
Cruise & Ferry World has decided to become a member of the Cruise Lines International Association and changed its name to CLIA Belgium & Luxembourg. The BeLux industry reports to CLIA Europe, based in Brussels and is led by Secretary General Robert Ashdown and President Manfredi Lefebvre d'Ovidio. Cruise & Ferry World was founded in 1972 and took many initiatives in the past 40 years to promote cruise & ferry products. The Belux Organization has 17 members (representing 60 shipping companies) and groups most of the (passenger) shipping companies', active in Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Earlier this year the Dutch 'Cruise Council' and the French 'Association Française des Compagnies des Croisières' also decided to join the CLIA.

Source: Travel Magazine newsflash, May 13th, 2013
Zero growth prediction for 2013
The European Commission has revised its growth prediction for Belgium and now forecasts zero growth for the Belgian economy in 2013. This year's budget deficit is now expected to be 2.9%. In February, Europe predicted that the Belgian economy would grow slightly (by 0.2%) in 2013. Despite the lack of growth, the Belgian economy is still anticipated to perform better than the average for the Euro zone as a whole. In its report, the European Commission foresees that the economy of the Euro zone will contract by 0.4%, this is worse than the 0.3% predicted in February. 
If nothing changes, Belgium's budget deficit will be 2.9% in 2013 and 3.1% in 2014. The total public debt will rise to 101.4% of GDP this year and 102.1% of GDP in 2014.

Source: Author: MB flandersnews.be – belga, May 3rd, 2013
Research into the travel behaviour of the Flemish youth in 2012
The majority of young people (52.69%) travelled in 2012 two times (29.5%) or one time (28.9%) abroad - (three times 23.2% and four times 16.3%). Only 1.8% did not go abroad at all. Many Flemish youths (40.23%) have not even travelled once in their own country (at least one overnight stay). Young people travel in all months of the year, but mostly during the school holidays (February, April, July, August, September and November). Older youths (24-and 25-year-olds) travel throughout the year, with outliers in other months than the school holiday months. 25.5% travels for more than four weeks a year, 24.93% 15 to 21 nights, 24.65% between 8 and 14 nights. Young people orientate for their travel information mainly on the internet and after that mainly friends and family followed by tourism guides and brochures are the information source. Travel agencies, magazines, public libraries and tourist services come last. The most determining factors in the decision to travel to a certain destination are successively the budget, the sights and the climate - followed by the hotel, nature, and a promotion. Most young people travelled to France (16.71%), Spain (11.05%) and Turkey (7.08%).

Source: newsletter statbel/digibib fod economy, May, 2013
Consumer confidence recovers slightly in Belgium
Consumer confidence recovers somewhat in April. After a sharp fall in the previous month, consumer confidence partially recovered in April. The increase in consumer confidence is mainly due to a less pessimistic outlook with regard to macroeconomic developments. In particular, fears of a further economic decline and of an increase in unemployment were significantly assuaged. Households' expectations as to their financial situation have practically remained at the level of the past three months. On the other hand, they estimate their future saving capacity to be somewhat rosier than a month ago.

Source: National Bank of Belgium – economic indicators nr 2013-16 19/04/2013 & press release April 2013 consumer survey 19/04/2013