Wolverine, musk ox and lynx. An albino bear or the rare Arctic fox. Or wolves that pet and kiss those they like: Polar Park in Bardu is a new way to encounter animals.

The northernmost zoo in the world

Salangsdalen in Inner Troms, where the winters are cold and the summers refreshing, is home to the northernmost zoo in the world, Polar Park (previously known as Polar Zoo), which specialises in animals from the northern forests and the treeless tundra. In a terrain of forest-clad hills and crests, the animals have plenty of space – so you can be sure of a good long walk while you are here.

The big four

The big predators are probably the main attractions. The wolf, wolverine, bear and lynx are the “big four” predators in the Norwegian countryside, and they live wild in the area around the park. Of the bears, the twins Salt and Pepper – one of which is an albino – born in 2009 are perhaps the visitors’ favourites. One pack of wolves has become domesticated and is used to people; another has not, and shies away from human contact.

Animals from the north

The Arctic fox, one of the most endangered species in Norway, can also be viewed right up close. The park is also home to elk, reindeer and red deer, as well as the North American musk ox.

Animal encounters and wolf kisses

Animal lovers may, of course, go a little further – and get to know the wolves, for example. Small groups of people can approach the wolf pack and get to know them. Wolves communicate with their tongues, so get ready for some wet kisses. You can also join a photo safari, howl with the wolves at night or tag along on a feeding round. Some of the special tours are not suitable for everyone. For example, pregnant women, children and disabled people are not allowed to visit the wolves.

Zoo for everyone

In the summer season, visitors of all ages come to the park and children can come along and watch the park keepers feed the sheep, goats, rabbits and Anton, the Shetland pony. Many families spend the whole day here, alternating between visits to the playground, Anton and the predators. In the winter, you will often have the whole park almost to yourself, so put on your crampons and your warmest clothing and explore the winter landscape.

Longing for a wolf's kiss?

There is much more to read at the website of Polar Park.