If we feel fit and happy in the light summer, we need to get out and compete in the beautiful summer landscape. Here are some sporting competitions that could only take place in Northern Norway.

1. Midnight Sun Marathon in Tromsø finishes at midnight, and attracts thousands of runners and spectators to a folk festival in the golden light of the midnight sun.

2. Arctic Sea Kayak Race in Vesterålen has competitions and courses culminating in a kayaking half marathon across sheltered coastal waters and the open sea.  


3. Offroad Finnmark loops 700 km (430 miles) across the roadless Finnmark plateau, from and to Alta. The best people do it in under 60 hours. Sound tough? There is also a 300 km (185 mile) version...


4. Arctic Race of Norway is the world’s northernmost professional road race attracting many of the world’s cycling elite. This year’s route runs from Helgeland to Bodø.


5. Svalbard Marathon, the world’s northernmost marathon, uses most of Svalbard’s limited road network. Armed guards protect the runners from polar bears, all along the airport road.