For the fun of it, we have put together a list of the world’s most northerly this and that, which you may well come across when you travel to the world’s most northerly destination.

If you travel to the North Cape, you will reach the most northerly point of Europe. You can actually travel even farther north, however, if you board the plane to Longyearbyen. If you want to go farther than that, you will need to put together your own expedition. This will probably be your most northerly holiday ever!

Here’s a list of the world’s most northerly phenomena:


• The world’s most northerly settlement: Ny-Ålesund
• The world’s most northerly settlement with more than 1,000 residents: Longyearbyen
• The world’s most northerly fishing village: Skarsvåg, North Cape
• The world’s most northerly city: Hammerfest
• The world’s most northerly city with more than 50,000 residents: Tromsø (In Norway, city status is granted by royal charter)


• The world’s most northerly occurrence of lime trees (Tilia cordata): Brønnøy
• Fly orchid (Ophrys insectifera): Bodø
• Elm (Ulmus glabra): Beiarn
• Hazel (Corylus avellana): Steigen
• Bats (Eptesicus nilssonii): Rundhaug, Målselv
• Pine (Pinus sylvestris): Stabbursdalen, Porsanger
• Coral reef: The North Cape
• The world’s most northerly frost-free place all year round: Værøy, Lofoten
• Zoo: Polar Zoo


• The world’s most northerly coffee bar: Fruene, Longyearbyen
• Brewery: Mack’s bryggeri, Tromsø
• Burger King: Tromsø
• 18-hole golf course: Tromsø Golf Course, Tromsø

Buildings / institutions:

• The world’s most northerly mosque: Alnor Senter, Tromsø
• Carmelite monastery: Totus Tuus, Tromsø
• Church: Svalbard Church, Longyearbyen
• Fortress: Vardøhus Fortress in Vardø
• Cathedral: The Church of Our Lady, Tromsø
• Mediaeval church: Trondenes Church, Harstad

Communication / infrastructure:

• The world’s most northerly post office: Ny-Ålesund
• Mini-bank: Longyearbyen
• Airport with scheduled flights: The airport at Longyearbyen

Culture / education:

• The world’s most northerly symphony orchestra: The Northern Norway Opera and Symphony
Orchestra, Tromsø/Bodæ
• Professional theatre: Samovarteateret, Kirkenes
• University: The University of Tromsø
• Botanical garden: The Arctic-Alpine Botanical Garden, Tromsø
• Institution of higher education: UNIS, Longyearbyen
• Elite division football team: Tromsø IL