Lofoten is an Eldorado for tourists – including those on two wheels. There are sights to see at every turn. Charming and authentic fishing villages with boathouses lining the shore, lively atmospheres and unspoilt countryside as far as the eye can see.

The crash of waves beating against the shore, white sandy beaches, the tang of the salt sea air, racks of fish hung up to dry in the open air, the midnight sun, screeching seagulls, headwinds, tail winds, sun and rain, wild mountains surging straight up from the sea. On two wheels you come close to nature and have plenty of time to savour the myriad impressions assailing your senses.

The route from Svolvær to Å (yes, the place is called “Å”) takes you through idyllic fishing villages and hamlets. Henningsvær, also called “Lofoten’s Venice”, Nusfjord, Reine and Sakrisøy. You cycle past stone-age settlements, fishing villages, boathouses and bothies, tall wooden racks for air-drying fish, golf courses, a doll’s museum and countless art galleries.

The Vestfjord Route

This is a cycle-friendly route that is rich in things to do and see. It runs along the whole of Lofoten on the one side and outer Salten on the other side of Vestfjord. Choose for yourself whether you want to take the full package around the fjord basin, cycle one side or just a short stretch.

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It is up to you where you start your journey, but if you take the full package, Bodø is the most common starting and stopping point. The fast passenger ferry will also accommodate your bicycle, which means you are not so dependent on road bridges and car ferries as you would be if you were driving.

Travel facts

  • Estimated time: Approx. 8 days in Lofoten
  • Distance: Approx. 180 km in Lofoten and approx. 450 km for the complete round trip.
  • Degree of difficulty: The tour is suitable for most people over the age of 14.
  • Traffic: You must expect some traffic on certain stretches of the route. However, feedback says that the level of traffic is not too bothersome.
  • Accommodation: Since it is difficult to get a room in Lofoten during the summer months, it is a good idea to book before 1 March
  • Route information: Visit www.bike-norway.no  (NB! Not all the contact details are up to date on this website) .

Suggested itinerary

  • Day 1. Arrive Bodø. Fast passenger ferry or Hurtigruten (Norwegian Coastal Voyage) to Svolvær. Overnight stop in Svolvær or Kabelvåg.
  • Day 2. Svolvær–Henningsvær, 24 km. Easy day stage.
  • Day 3. Henningsvær–Hov, 32 km. Easy day stage.
  • Day 4. Hov–Stamsund, 50 km. Medium day stage.
  • Day 5. Stamsund–Ballstad, 33 km. Medium day stage.
  • Day 6. Cycle ferry from Ballstad to Nusfjord. Nusfjord–Sakrisøy–Reine, 40 km. Medium day stage.
  • Day 7. Rest day in Reine.
  • Day 8. Cycle to Moskenes, 5 km. Ferry to Bodø.

Organised tours

Norske Bygdeopplevelser, Tel: +47 61 28 99 70 or visit www.norske-bygdeopplevelser.no .

Cycle hire Lofoten Sykkelutleie, Tel: +47 99 23 11 00 or visit www.lofoten-sykkelutleie.no. Hire of 21-gear bikes, most offroad/hybrids, and we have some touring bikes. All bikes are new and well maintained.

PS! When you book your bikes you must pay a 60% deposit in advance.

Local information

Destination Lofoten, Tel: +47 760 69800 or visit www.lofoten.com