The Arctic Circle bisects Nordland. A magical line conjuring up visions of the midnight sun and the Northern Lights. Come and enjoy the enchantment of the Arctic Circle and the Svartisen glacier.

The Svartisen glacier up close and personal

The waterfall’s rushing waters create a beautiful rainbow. You have just crossed that magical line, and are experiencing your Arctic baptism. In a waterfall! You look behind you and see the pale blue blanket of eternal ice that envelops the mighty mountains. The skipper tells exciting stories about the people who have lived here. How they eked a living, what happened to them. The images stay in your mind. You turn and see the coast on the horizon. The open sea. Thousands of islands. You sit on the foredeck to dry your hair while the boat glides forward. You are already looking forward to hearing the legends of those far off mountains.

Cruise along Svartisen glacier and the Helgeland coast

The route follows the banks of Langvatnet, a lake of almost enchanted beauty, crosses the Gomåga, a glacial run-off river, and continues up over the Melfjellet mountain with its glaciers and ravines and spectacular landscape. Then on we go down the twisting, turning road to Melfjorden. This beautifiul, but depopulated place is now a popular haunt for holidaymakers and hikers in the region. And that is just the beginning.

The trip out along Melfjorden is enough to take your breath away. The whole road provides a succession of incredible experiences, including a waterfall baptism, the Svartisen glacier curling over the lip of the mountain 1,000 m above you, an isolated seal colony and stretches of the amazing Helgeland coast dotted with islands like Træna, Lovund, Rødøy, Hestmannen and Vikingen. From Mo to Melfjorden by bus, where a boat is waiting to take you to Nordfjorden and Svartisen. The trip takes 5 hours and is available from 15 June to 15 August. Minimum 15 people. The trip can be made with fewer people, in which case the price is by agreement.

Information and booking

Contact Polarsirkelen Reiseliv, tel.: +47 751 39200

Other things to do in the land of the Arctic Circle

Other exciting trips

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