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Sápmi: Kautokeino and Karasjok

Ice Adventure in Kautokeino

Thon Hotel Kautokeino offers guests a snow cinema, crazy golf and a naturally chilled ice bar in the heart of the Finnmarksvidda plateau. Ice Adventure is for fun-loving visit  Read more

By dog team over the Finnmark plain

Dogsledding over white plains, staying in mountain lodges and visiting reindeer herds; Engholm Husky trips on the Finnmark plain are full of outdoor action. However, you don't  Read more

Northern Lights trip by snowshoe on the plain

In the dry, biting cold of Karasjok, the chances of seeing the Northern Lights are excellent — particularly on a snowshoe trip up the holy mountain of Halde, with wide views...  Read more


The most northerly county of Norway is also the most easterly, the biggest, and the most ethnically diverse.  Read more
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