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Vesterålen: The Kingdom of whales

Enjoy a number of varied activities in Vesterålen, a group of strikingly beautiful islands in Northern Norway at 68° north.  Read more

Alta, the City of the northern lights

Enjoy the northern lights without disturbing city lights in Alta, a rugged, exciting gateway to Arctic fun.  Read more

Combined aurora tours at Tromsø Wilderness Centre

Get the most out of your northern lights experience in Tromsø – join a tour that includes aurora chases by bus, dog sledding and reindeer sledding in the wild.  Read more

24 hours activity stay at the Green Gold Villa in the Lyngen Alps

Enjoy 24 hours of adventure surrounded by the strikingly beautiful fjords and mountains of Nord-Lenangen in the Lyngen Alps.  Read more

Northern lights at night - whale safari during the day

Complete your northern lights holiday by observing amazing encounters of huge humpback and killer whales.  Read more

Northern lights in Lofoten

Feel the power of peace and tranquillity under the northern lights in Lofoten.  Read more
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