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In Northern Norway, you can choose between first-class hotels, camp sites in beautiful locations and comfortable, modern sea cabins and fishermen's cabins. Romantics choose the traditional fishermen's cabins, restored old trading posts and simple accommodation in a fish factory, while some people choose to rent an entire holiday home for a week. Sporty types stay in lodges in the Finnmarksvidda Plateau or in Trekking Association cabins in the mountains

Overnight accommodation in the north – a full overview

You sleep well in Northern Norway. Perhaps it’s because you are having such a good time during the day. Where can you enjoy a comfortable stay in the north? What are the...  Read more

Comfort in Northern Norway

Things do not have to be rough and tough just because you are travelling in the far north. There are comfortable hotels in every region of Northern Norway and even on Svalbard  Read more

Rorbu Cabin Holidays

Imagine waking up on a sunny and clear morning. You walk out barefoot and drink some coffee. A sea eagle soars majestically above the turquoise sea. Small fish dart through th  Read more

Sea fishing cabins

Modern, comfortable, close to coastal communities and suitable not only for sea fishing but also hiking in the mountains, these holiday cabins on the coast are often a great s  Read more

Inns and hostels

Looking for something less expensive, a room for hire? There are also good alternatives in Northern Norway for budget-minded tourists.  Read more

Holiday homes and farm holidays

Your own house among fjords, mountains and islands in Northern Norway. Or take part in life on the farm.  Read more

Trekking Association cabins and mountain lodges

There is basic overnight accommodation for mountain hikers in the mountains of Northern Norway. No one is turned away here, and if all the beds are taken, the rest get to slee  Read more

Camping – accommodation and much more

Camping sites are not just for tents. There are areas for motorcaravans and caravans, and cabins of various standards.  Read more
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