Things do not have to be rough and tough just because you are travelling in the far north. There are comfortable hotels in every region of Northern Norway and even on Svalbard.

Hotels: More of them – and a better standard – than you might expect!

Comfortable hotels of first-class and solid medium-class standard are found in all towns and larger population centres in Northern Norway. In mini-metropolises such as Alta, Tromsø and Bodø, there are a number of good hotels, either bed and breakfast or full-service, to choose from. Smaller towns and population centres generally have one full-service hotel with a restaurant and bar.

Prices and discounts

Please note that the hotels often provide good weekend discounts, and in the summer season you should ask about the summer prices and use the hotel chains’ money-saving summer passes. However, expect to pay full price during mid-week in autumn, winter and spring.

History and distinctiveness

The great majority of hotels in Northern Norway are not that old. Nevertheless, some of the hotels are historic in their own right, such as Meyergården in Mo i Rana and Northern Norway’s oldest hotel, Fru Haugans in Mosjøen. The Grand Hotel in Bodø was reconstructed in strict functionalist style after the Second World War. The Snow Hotels in Alta and Kirkenes have a brief history, in the sense that they melt each spring and must be rebuilt the following winter.