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Boat trip to Pyramiden and the Nordenskiöld glacier

MS Polargirl takes you from the Advent fjord outside of Longyearbyen towards Pyramiden. The old Soviet town was left by its inhabitants in 1998. Today, a small group of people live there and maintain what used to be the Soviet pride in the Arctic.




10 hours

The people who lived in Pyramiden stated that it was like living in Paradise, and everything was looked out for in order for them to have a nice life. At Pyramiden we are met by a Russian guide who shows us around in the town. After a gentle walk, we return to the boat for a warm lunch on the deck of the boat. From here, the trip goes towards the glacier Nordenskiöld. It is a large glacier calving into the sea, and the blue-colored glacier front is a majestic site.

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