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The dance of the Northern Lights, the golden red tones of the midnight sun, the sculptural shapes of the mountains, the beauty of the Sami joik (a traditional form of song) and the life force of coastal culture; it is true to say that it gives rise to a different type of art. The Skulpturlandskap Nordland art project, the blue town of Sortland, the modern churches and the characteristic monumental buildings could only be found in Northern Norway. 

Sami Centre for Contemporary Art

The Sami Centre for Contemporary Art is perhaps the best place to find out what's going on in Sami art today. Go there as often as you can, because there's always something ne  Read more

Steilneset Memorial — "The Witches' Memorial"

The Witches' Memorial in Vardø takes us back to a gruesome period in European history and into the darkest recesses of the human mind. The Steilneset Memorial was erected in...  Read more

The Hamsun Centre: Battlefield for invisible forces

The Hamsun Centre is something as rare as a building in which the architecture interprets literature. The American architect Steven Holl lets us take part in the dark, large,  Read more

Finnmark with broad brush

«But you haven’t got any colours like that» said the German TV company of the intense pink-purple hues in artist Eva Arnesen’s pictures when they were filming her one...  Read more

Artscape Nordland

If you enjoy art, then visit this unique collection of international sculptures set in the beautiful and varied Nordland landscape.  Read more

Sortland – the blue town

In the heart of the beautiful Northern Norway countryside in Vesterålen, a town has made an audacious decision: the people of Sortland have chosen to paint their town blue.  Read more

Galleri Espolin – Northern Norway, the harsh reality

The Lofoten islands were never a holiday paradise. Life here was relentless toil, in a brutal, inhospitable landscape. Yet, despite their toughness, the people are depicted wi  Read more

The Gallery East of the Sun

Collages in bold colours and featuring strong, simple shapes; Eva Schmutterer's pictures of Magerøya could not have come from anywhere else. Visit the gallery tucked away...  Read more

Hammerfest Church

A modern concrete church in the world's most northerly town manages to be warm, intimate and welcoming. You'll only find paradoxes like that in Hammerfest.  Read more

Bardu Church – for homesick settlers

When the settlers in Bardu decided to build a new church in 1821, they sought inspiration in the place they came from. And so the community’s most skilled builder was...  Read more

Blacksmith of Sund

The cormorant is a mythical bird in Northern Norwegian folk legend, and the Blacksmith of Sund in Lofoten makes beautiful, simple cormorants in wrought iron. You can find Lofo  Read more

Juhls' Silver Gallery — an oasis on the plain

An unobtrusive building with sweeping lines is a jewel box of traditional Sami silver and modern silver design. This is the life's work of Frank and Regine Juhls.  Read more

The Sami Parliament

The Sami Parliament blends in seamlessly with the forests of Karasjok. But get a little closer and it has some wonderful surprises in store. Join a tour around this symbolic b  Read more

The Golden Age – Galleri Lofotens Hus

Galleri Lofotens Hus ("The House of Lofoten") in Henningsvær shows how Norwegian artists suddenly discovered Lofoten in the 1880s. The slide show "The Magic Archipelago" is...  Read more

The Man from the Sea

A 4.3 metre (14 ft) high man made of cast iron, with a golden woman in his back, offers up a blue crystal to the sea. This beautiful artwork looks out over the sea in Bø in...  Read more
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