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Boating and Water Activities in Northern Norway

Even in winter time, boats are a normal mode of transport in Northern Norway. Some things are simply better in the winter; the surf on the outer reaches of Lofoten is bigger, and the fish bite more often. Being the only tourist travelling on the local boat between the islands feels slightly special... 

Killer whales and humpback whales – A midwinter adventure

In recent years, breaching humpback whales and ravenous killer whales have been following herrings into the fjords of Tromsø and Vesterålen. For two-three months in...  Read more

Bygderuta from Hammerfest to Sørøya

From Hammerfest harbour you can take the ferry out to the remote, road-less fishing settlements on Sørøya Island with its dramatic, naked coastline. Choose whether to take...  Read more

Killer whale safari in Vesterålen

In midwinter, Andfjorden is teeming with herring and killer whales, and humpback whales and fin whales gather to join in the festivities. Come and take part in the great winte  Read more

King Crabs - tasty monsters

Out in the fishing fields to pull in the pots. Suddenly, the deck is covered with huge, ugly crabs. Have your photo taken with a king crab – and then get ready for a king...  Read more

Surfing in Lofoten

The left-handed wave in the sea at Unstad is one of the best in the world. Professionals come in autumn and winter, while the gentler summer waves are perfect for beginners.  Read more

Nature safari in the Vestfjord

Go out on a nature safari in Lofoten's Vestfjord in the middle of winter to watch eagles dive for fish and see the Lofoten landscape in winter. If you're lucky, you'll also se  Read more

View Sea Eagles all Year round

Nordland has 35 % of all the white-tailed eagles in Norway and 20 % of the world population. You will not find a better guarantee for a meeting with this majestic bird of prey  Read more

Diving in clear water

Northern Norway is just as beautiful from below. Come along and discover the delights concealed beneath the waves in Northern Norway.  Read more
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