Kayaking in the archipelago and on the fjords, canoeing on gentle rivers. This is as close as you will ever come to nature.

The finest kayaking in the world

Experience the most beautiful coastline in the world – from the water. See the glaciers of Svalbard right up close, or check out the coast of Northern Norway from Helgeland in the south to Varanger in the East; a true delight for everyone who loves kayaking. Everything you are looking for is right here: fjords, a scattered archipelago with thousands of islands, islets and reefs, bird cliffs, white sandy beaches, abandoned settlements and lively coastal societies. Experience the tranquillity and the close interaction with the thriving birdlife, or listen to the sound of glaciers splintering on Svalbard.

There are offers to suit everyone, from novices to experienced veterans. You can paddle in summer and winter alike, and organised trips are available to suit all tastes.

On rivers and lakes

Rivers and inland lakes are ideal for gentle canoeing trips. They also provide an opportunity to see the countryside from a very different angle. You can hire canoes from many places, and some centres also organise trips with a nature guide and overnight accommodation in tents or Sami shelters.