A more spectacular setting for sea kayaking would be hard to find. Revel in the delights of the open water. Experience the Helgeland coast, the Bodø islands, Lofoten, Vesterålen and Senja from the sea.

Your meeting with the sea and the silence

The air is clearer than you could possibly imagine. The sea is so smooth that you feel that you could walk on it. The entire fjord is wrapped in golden mist, and the sun shines brightly – even in the middle of the night. The only sounds you hear are the beat of puffins’ wings and the paddles dipping in and out of the water as you glide gently forwards. The tranquillity is overwhelming, and you are a part of it. You are at the very heart of it. The first time you hear the splash, you may think that something has fallen out of your kayak. But the splash is followed by a flapping sound, like when the wind catches hold of a flag. It does not disturb you at all. You know that it is only a white-tailed eagle hunting for fish.

Check out the white-tailed eagles

The white-tailed eagles thrive in Bodø. In fact, it is home to the largest population in the world. The website www.visitbodo.com/en makes clear what it is all about. The coast of Helgeland offers a lot of opportunities for sea kayakers. Read more at www.visithelgeland.com/en.

The islands of Værøy and Røst farther up in Lofoten also provide plenty of opportunities to encounter the king of the seabirds. Visit www.lofoten.info to have a look at the birds. Vesterålen is known for the Arctic Sea Kayak Race, read more at www.visitvesteralen.no/en Senja is also an beautiful Island, which offers a little bit more rougher kayaking, read more at www.senja365.com

And now; the weather

Thanks to the gulf stream, Nordland enjoys a mild climate in spite of its location far to the north. As is usual along the coast, the weather can change very quickly, but the summer is normally warm with a little rain occasionally. Perfect for everyone who likes to make the most of wonderful summer days. And who doesn’t?

As a kayaker, you must show consideration for the countryside. Remember that motorised traffic is prohibited in the outfields when you are putting to sea, and please note that it is not permitted to land and set up tents in some protected coastal areas. Limit camp fires to small fires for making coffee and remember that it is not permitted to light fires in the woods during the summer months. You may pick berries, ramble and pitch your tent pretty much anywhere in the outlying land. However, you must ask permission from property owners if you wish to spend more than two nights on their land. Please take care not to damage crops and cultivated fields on your travels. If you pass through a gate, remember to close it after you. Otherwise, you can paddle in the water and stroll through the countryside as you please.

Paddling tips with a taste of the sea

Check out the paddling offers on www.lofoten-kajakk.no and www.helgelandguide.no.