The biggest caves in Norway are concentrated in a small area in Salten and on Helgeland. Or what about ice-caving on Svalbard?

Glacier Walks on Svartisen

The land of cavesNordland and Southern Troms are the site of caves of all shapes and sizes. Some are so narrow that you have to squeeze through them, while others are like giant cathedrals with stalagmites, waterfalls and small lakes with fish in them. The temperature is around 5 ºC all year round.

Cave trips

Never go into a cave alone. Many places organise fixed trips for small groups, families and individuals with different levels of experience.

Ice caves

The giant glaciers on Svalbard contain huge hollows and meltwater channels, which form a blue world of rooms, tunnels and distinctive formations. In the winter, when the glaciers are stable, you can enter some of the ice caves here. The trips into the ice caves are led by certified guides and are suitable for all able-bodied people – as long as you do not suffer from total claustrophobia.