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Coastal Culture & People

Fishing villages, trading posts, eider duck islands, old piers, fishermen's cabins, coastal churches, lighthouses and fishing industries from the 20th century: the coastal culture makes itself felt all along the coast. Northern Norway is situated by the most bountiful sea in the world, and has been exporting fish for 1000 years. Norway currently exports fish for 36 million dinners every single day of the year, most of which are caught in Northern Norway. 

Polar Museum in Tromsø

The Polar Museum in Tromsø Museum tells the exciting story of the courageous trappers (men and women!) and the hazardous journeys of discovery in the arctic on a red-painted...  Read more

Five historic places in Northern Norway

Northern Norway has been inhabited for at least 10,000 years. A long Sami history, the Viking chieftains of Hålogaland, the dried fish trade, and a dramatic World War II...  Read more

The Lofoten Fishery

The world's richest cod-fishing takes place every winter in Lofoten. For nearly 1000 years, dried fish has been exported to Europe from here.  Read more

Ølhallen – Tromsø’s oldest watering hole

The Ølhallen pub in Tromsø, established in 1928, opens at 10am and closes at 6pm. Enjoy a glass of Blanding to the chatter of gregarious Tromsø folk, don’t count on keeping...  Read more

Eider Duck Islands

Humans and eider ducks have a mutually dependent relationship in the eider “farms” of the Vega Islands. Humans offer protection and are rewarded with soft, fluffy eider...  Read more

Tranøy Lighthouse – 360-degree Vestfjord panorama

A visit to a lighthouse is like sitting in the royal box in a theatre; one has by far the best view. The repertoire at Tranøy Lighthouse spans everything from the light...  Read more

Wonderful Kjerringøy

Kjerringøy, a half-hour drive north of Bodø, is a gem on the Nordland coast. It has an idyllic, coastal-alpine landscape famous around the world from films based on Knut...  Read more

Local Delicacies

Elk sausage, veal burgers, cured saithe, smoked salmon, home-brewed beer, grilled stockfish, local cheeses and an abundance of herbs. Salten is an eldorado for those seeking  Read more

Nyksund – a second chance for a fishing village

Fishing villages often rise and decline. Nyksund is one of many fishing villages along the coast that has witnessed the passing of its golden age. However, the village has now  Read more

Havnnes Trading Post

Havnnes is a well-preserved, listed 19th century trading post, situated in the midst of some of the most stunning scenery in all of Northern Norway. Forget opening hours and g  Read more

A praise to the Nordland boat

You can admire the high-stemmed, elegant Nordland boat at the Northern Norwegian Boat Museum. Nearby you can also see how old boats are restored and given a new lease of life.  Read more

Nusfjord – a pearl in red and ochre

Which fishing village is the prettiest? A definite contender has to be Nusfjord on Flakstadøya Island, with its red and ochre buildings nestled beneath the mighty Lofoten...  Read more

Hamningberg – the fishing village of yesteryear

In a region almost completely destroyed by the ravages of war, there is one place that survived. Hamningberg provides a look back into the world of old Finnmark, which is othe  Read more

Husøyvær and the seven currents

Enjoy a weekend of culture and history with magnificent countryside delights in Hamsun Country. Spend the night in a traditional Nordland house from 1850. Breakfast, a boat tr  Read more

The origin of the Rorbu Cabins

The distinctive Rorbu cabins are one of the features of the Nordland coastline and particular to Lofoten. The cabins were originally basic accommodation for the Lofoten fisher  Read more
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