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Culture and People in Northern Norway

The rich cultural heritage is a combination of Norwegian, Sami and Kven cultures, Arctic agriculture, fishing and coastal culture and modern cultural life. Many of the activities available in Northern Norway originate from the peoples of these parts. 

Varntresk - a heavenly affair

A city of sleighs on the ice, freshly caught char and smelly, fermentet trout, home made goat's cheese and free access to untouched scenery. Varntresk in Northern Norway's rem  Read more

Local Delicacies

Elk sausage, veal burgers, cured saithe, smoked salmon, home-brewed beer, grilled stockfish, local cheeses and an abundance of herbs. Salten is an eldorado for those seeking  Read more

The Ofoten Railway - 1 Hour Across Norway

A 42km train journey from Narvik to the Swedish border takes you from fjord to mountain through a wild, dramatic, uninhabited landscape. The story of the building of the railw  Read more

Visit the Vega Island world heritage area

The islands around Vega were awarded world heritage status by UNESCO in 2004. Here, “bird guardians” have set up a unique partnership with the eider birds. And now you have...  Read more

On a tour of Longyearbyen

The most northerly shopping trip in the world can be made down the main street of Longyearbyen on Svalbard. Here you will find many things you might not have expected to find  Read more

With Børgefjell as its closest neighbour

Susendal in Hattfjelldal lies well off the beaten track, close to the Swedish border. A characterful community with a multicultural history from the border-country trade, it i  Read more
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