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Festivals and events on any thinkable theme take place all over Northern Norway all year. In this overview, we have presented a few, but this is absolutely the tip of the iceberg.  You can also download the overview here.

Five fun summer festivals in Northern Norway

The summer culture in this part of the world comes out in busy, fun and crazy late-night festivals that are popular with locals. Music, beer, wooden boats, crabs; themes are d  Read more

Arctic Arts Festival

The Arctic Arts Festival is the musical prelude to the Northern Norwegian summer. Come to Harstad for a summer festival featuring music from all over the world.  Read more

Five energetic summer competitions in Northern Norway

If we feel fit and happy in the light summer, we need to get out and compete in the beautiful summer landscape. Here are some sporting competitions that could only take place  Read more

Winter festivals in Northern Norway

Winter in Northern Norway is a time for festivals, ranging from intimate indoor concerts to challenging outdoor competitions.  Read more

Five festivals to brighten a dim autumn da

Autumn is the perfect time for culture and festivals. It is a time for challenging our minds and enjoying a good, lively discussion afterwards  Read more

Reistadløpet - winter endurance race

What’s the best way to remember a war hero? Parades and monuments? In Inner Troms, they do it like nowhere else, by organising one of the toughest ski races in the world,...  Read more

Finnmarksløpet: Europe’s longest sled dog race

1,200 kilometres with 14 dogs over 5-6 days across snowy Finnmark: 160 teams and more than 1500 dogs will take part in Finnmarksløpet, a great test of strength and a great...  Read more

Offroad Finnmark

Offroad Finnmark is the world's toughest off-road bike race, with a 700 kilometre (435 miles) route criss-crossing the untouched wilderness of the Finnmarksvidda plateau.  Read more

Five tasty autumn festivals

Here are five Northern Norwegian autumn festivals to give your taste buds something to savour  Read more

Arctic Race of Norway 2016 – Around the Arctic Circle

The Arctic Race of Norway 2016 takes place on both sides of the Arctic Circle, covering terrain ranging from high mountain plateaus to coastal skerries, and profiling some of  Read more

Træna Festival – 33 miles off the coast

All the cool bands, 2300 festival-goers, intense cave acoustics and the midnight sun dipping into the sea: the Træna Festival is the summer's most refreshing festival!  Read more

Riddu Riđđu – indigenous folk festival

Musicians from all over Sápmi, and representatives from indigenous peoples come from all over the world to perform in grassy meadows in dry and sunny Olmmáivággi/Manndalen...  Read more

Sami Week in Tromsø

Concerts, talks, language courses, lasso-throwing contests, generous portions of warming bidos and campfire coffee, colourful costumes from all over Samiland: Sami Week is all  Read more

Easter Festival in Kautokeino

The World Championships in Reindeer Racing, the Sami Grand Prix, an impressive programme of concerts and gigantic weddings that cost many reindeer their lives. The Easter Fest  Read more

Tromsø International Film Festival

What do you do during the twilight months in Tromsø? Seek out the dark of the cinema of course! Tromsø International Film Festival (TIFF), one of the country's leading film...  Read more
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