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Travelling in Northern Norway

Northern Norway has a good transport network with 26 airports for big and small planes, express buses and fast, comfortable ferries as well as the legendary Hurtigruten ships. Even the smallest communities are served by buses or visited by local boats. Despite big investments in bridges and tunnels, car ferries remain an unavoidable and comfortable part of a car holiday. 

Flying within Northern Norway

There are 26 airports across Northern Norway, from Brønnøysund to Longyearbyen. As a result, you can fly virtually anywhere. With a little planning, it needn't be expensive...  Read more

Bygderuta from Hammerfest to Sørøya

From Hammerfest harbour you can take the ferry out to the remote, road-less fishing settlements on Sørøya Island with its dramatic, naked coastline. Choose whether to take...  Read more

Camper Vans in Northern Norway

Camper vans offer the ultimate freedom to travellers in Northern Norway. You can travel about and stop wherever you like.  Read more

Express and Local boats in Northern Norway

The express boats are fast and comfortable, and enable you to move efficiently between the regions of Northern Norway. However, local boats take you to Northern Norway’s...  Read more

Ferry routes in Northern Norway

Across fjords and out to islands: ferries are vital part of travelling along the coast of Northern Norway.  Read more

Northern Norway by bus

Most overland passenger traffic in Northern Norway is by bus. Buses go to almost all inhabited places in Northern Norway.  Read more

Fly and Bike

Fly and Bike is a new concept allowing you to pick up and deliver a rental bike at selected airports in Northern Norway, just as easy as for rental cars.  Read more

Hurtigruten (Norwegian Coastal Voyage) – a veteran along the coast

For more than 100 years, the legendary Hurtigruten (Norwegian Coastal Voyage) has sailed the coastal waters between Bergen and Kirkenes. The Hurtigruten started as a transport  Read more

Hire cars

An affordable plane ticket to Northern Norway, and then a car so that you can go where the fancy takes you; that sounds like a good plan!  Read more
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