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Golfing in Northern Norway

Located between the sea, fjords and mountains, the golf courses in Northern Norway have got to be among the most beautiful in the world. The season from May/June to September/October is short, but during the midnight sun period it is open 24/7. Come and enjoy a really different golf experience. 

Golf under the Midnight Sun?

Golf i Northern Norway? The golf courses are set in delightful surroundings and are open 24/7 in the middle of summer.  Read more

Midnight golf in Bodø

As you look towards the green on the fifth hole, it can be a little hard to concentrate. It is one o’clock in the morning, and the midnight sun is shining in your eyes. Way...  Read more

Skjomen Golf Park at Narvik

Playing golf on the course at Skjomen is a risky game. If you hit a salmon in the river, you have to treat everyone on the course to a salmon dinner with champagne.  Read more
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