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Senja's outer coast

Senja has two coastlines — a green and gentle inner coast, and a grim, exposed outer coast. So why are the most important settlements on the outer coast? Because that's...  Read more

Wonderful Kjerringøy

Kjerringøy, a half-hour drive north of Bodø, is a gem on the Nordland coast. It has an idyllic, coastal-alpine landscape famous around the world from films based on Knut...  Read more

King Crabs - tasty monsters

Out in the fishing fields to pull in the pots. Suddenly, the deck is covered with huge, ugly crabs. Have your photo taken with a king crab – and then get ready for a king...  Read more

Saltstraumen – the most powerful tidal current in the World

Sea fishing, white-tailed eagle safari and historical delights at one of the most powerful tidal currents in the world. Experience one of the natural wonders of the world righ  Read more

North Cape – at the end of the world

In the same way as points such as the Cape of Good Hope and Cape Horn, the North Cape is a place that every authentic traveller simply has to visit. The outermost reach of Eur  Read more

Rock carvings in Alta

Around 6,000 depictions that are up to 7,000 years old are to be found all around Alta Fjord: fishing scenes, bear hunts, animals, geometric figures and portraits of people. T  Read more

Trollfjorden, dark magic and ethereal beauty

A dark, narrow sheet of water below jagged peaks and impenetrable mountain walls, only accessible from the sea. The Trollfjorden, in the southernmost part of Vesterålen, is...  Read more

Visit the Vega Island world heritage area

The islands around Vega were awarded world heritage status by UNESCO in 2004. Here, “bird guardians” have set up a unique partnership with the eider birds. And now you have...  Read more

The Lofoten Islands – a summer paradise

Long, lazy hours relaxing on the edge of a jetty, lots of interesting things to see and do, and plenty of good food. Or hanging from a rope off a mountainside, riding a roarin  Read more
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