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The North Cape, the sheer Okshornan Mountains and the hole in Torghatten Mountain are some of the most photographed attractions in Northern Norway and are created by nature itself. When you travel in Northern Norway, you will also come across many more natural wonders. 

Five natural wonders in Northern Norway

The landscape of Northern Norway is a mixture of divine inspiration and humour. There is something new around every bend (and we have quite a few in Northern Norway), includin  Read more

To Mollisfossen waterfall by riverboat

An hour up the River Reisa between steep cliffs and dense pine forest is the 269-metre (883-ft.) high Mollisfossen waterfall. Only a few people have seen the rainbow created b  Read more

North Cape in winter; a mini-expedition

Among the candidates for the title “World’s End”, the North Cape is one of the most obvious. Join a convoy to the North Cape plateau in mid-winter and you’ll understand why....  Read more

Saltstraumen – the most powerful tidal current in the World

Sea fishing, white-tailed eagle safari and historical delights at one of the most powerful tidal currents in the world. Experience one of the natural wonders of the world righ  Read more

Tromsø cable car

421 metres (1381 feet) above sea level is the Storsteinen mountain and its cable car, which offers one of Norway's most photographed panoramas — the view over Tromsø and the...  Read more

North Cape – at the end of the world

In the same way as points such as the Cape of Good Hope and Cape Horn, the North Cape is a place that every authentic traveller simply has to visit. The outermost reach of Eur  Read more

Torghatten - the mountain with a hole in it

Torghatten, the mountain with a hole right through it, is not just a beautiful and famous landmark, it is also an easy walk which rewards you with superb panoramic views. Stra  Read more

The fairy tale of Nordland – the coast of passion

The mountains that line the coast of Nordland feature very strange shapes. This is because they are actually trolls that have been turned to stone. Here is the true story of t  Read more

Finnkirka – beauty on the Arctic Sea

Beauty is often found in the most remote places. On the most northerly section of mainland in Europe – the Nordkyn peninsula – you will find the impressive cliff of...  Read more

Glacier of Engenbreen

Engenbreen is the point at which Svartisen, Northern Scandinavia's biggest glacier, gets closest to the sea. The sight of the blue glacier ice tongue reflected in the Holandsf  Read more


Kirkeporten is one of the small miracles along the coast of Northern Norway. This natural arch provides a very special view of the North Cape.  Read more

Trollfjorden, dark magic and ethereal beauty

A dark, narrow sheet of water below jagged peaks and impenetrable mountain walls, only accessible from the sea. The Trollfjorden, in the southernmost part of Vesterålen, is...  Read more

The Polar Bear Society

The Royal and Ancient Polar Bear Society in Hammerfest If you’re one of that select band who’ve made it all the way to Hammerfest, the world’s most northerly town, you...  Read more

Music and colour in the Polar Night

Moments of beauty come when you least expect them. Should you find yourself on board the north-bound Hurtigruten on its way east from the North Cape in the dark of the Polar N  Read more

Guided tour to Mount Stetind

Mount Stetind in Nordland has been voted Norway’s national mountain. Why not try a guided tour to the summit, 1392 metres above sea level.  Read more
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