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The Northern Lights in Autumn

When the autumn darkness starts to close in, the Aurora cautiously begins to stir. Your best chances of seeing the Northern Lights are any time after the equinox. See the Nort  Read more

Summer turns to autumn

In August and September, we reluctantly bid farewell to summer, while looking forward to the juicy berries and flaming colours of autumn. And the longer nights provide a stage  Read more

Let's be social

Do you like, do you tweet, do you pin or are you on Insta?  Read more

The food is half the journey

Northern Norwegian food is extremely simple. Why would you want to overwhelm all those delicious ingredients with powerful spices and sauces when you are enjoying the freshest  Read more

Arctic geology—on ancient rock and the moulding power of ice

Some of the landscape in Northern Norway formed during the ice age barely 20,000 years ago. In geological terms, that’s like the blink of an eye. The rock moulded by the...  Read more

5 long weekends in Northern Norway

Planes are great. They mean that you don’t need to gear yourself up for a long expedition if you want to head north — you can just pop up there for a quick break. Many of...  Read more

The World’s Northernmosts

For the fun of it, we have put together a list of the world’s most northerly this and that, which you may well come across when you travel to the world’s most northerly...  Read more

The Arctic Circle — edge of the Arctic

North of the Arctic Circle, there is midnight sun during the summer and twilight during the winter. In simple terms, the Arctic Circle therefore represents the edge of the Arc  Read more

Reindeer, Sami business

There are more than 100,000 reindeer in Northern Norway. You are almost sure to come across one or two during your holiday, especially if you travel through Finnmark.  Read more

Fairytale of Nordland

The mountains that line the coast of Nordland feature very strange shapes. This is because they are actually trolls that have been turned to stone. Here is the SHORT story of  Read more
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