There is a particular appeal in travelling to the end of the road at the North Cape – Europe's outermost point. There are modern churches, glaciers, war memorials, trading posts and archaeological sites to see, and the landscape varies from the mighty Lyngen Alps to the plains of Sennalandet and the steep cliffs of the North Cape.

Tromsø — E6

The tour takes you from Tromsø to the Lyngen Alps, and via ferry to the Lyngen peninsula, where mountains rise 1833 metres (6014 feet) straight out of the sea.

  • Tromsø Bridge: 1016 metres (3333 feet) long, it connects Tromsø island to the mainland.
  • Arctic Cathedral: Tromsø's landmark has presided over the end of the bridge since 1965.
  • Tromsø Golf Park: The world's most northerly 18-hole golf course.
  • Breivikeidet — Svensby: A 20-minute ferry crossing with views of the Lyngen Alps.
  • Svensby: Gamnes open-air museum and a Sea Sami farm.
  • Lyngseidet: A village with a beach and a variety of old buildings, such as Lyngen church dating back to 1740. Gollis, the world's biggest plastic Santa Claus, brings a smile to everyone's face.
  • Lyngseidet — Olderdalen: A 35-minute ferry crossing with the Lyngen Alps astern.

Distances and traffic information:

  • It is 76 km (47 miles)/2 hours from Tromsø to Lyngseidet (1 hour on ferries)
  • Ferries:
    • Breivikeidet — Svensby 20 minutes
    • Lyngseidet — Olderdalen 35 minutes

E6 Olderdalen — Alta

There are unbroken views of the Lyngen Alps all along the east side of the Lyngen fjord. Further north is a varied landscape of forest, mountains and fjord.

  • Spåkenes: Moraine ridge projecting out into the Lyngen fjord. Crumbling concrete remains of World War II fortifications.
  • Rotsundelv: Short ferry trip to Havnnes, the historic northernmost trading post in Northern Norway, with well-preserved 19th Century buildings and views of the Lyngen Alps. 
  • Langslett: Exit to Skjervøy. 22 km (14 miles)/30 minutes to Maursund Farm, an old trading post with 18th Century main building. Museum open in summer.
  • Storslett: Trading centre and junction for Nordreisa.
    • Riverboat trip to Mollisfossen waterfall: A trip in a traditional riverboat up to the 269-metre (883-ft.) high Mollisfossen waterfall, through untouched pine forest. 50 km (31 miles)/1 hour detour south of Storslett.
  • Kvænangsfjellet mountain: Viewpoint with views of the Kvænangen fjord, mountains by Øksfjordjøkelen glacier and the Arctic Ocean.
  • Alteidet: Boat trips on the Jøkelfjord to where the Øksfjordjøkelen glacier calves into the sea in a wild, inaccessible landscape. 10 km (6 miles)/15 minutes from Alteidet. 
  • Talvik: Talvik church has stood in this village in the Altafjord since 1883.
  • Kåfjord: Furthest village up the Altafjord.
  • Kåfjord Church was built in 1837 by the Englishmen who ran the mines here. Monument in the churchyard.
  • Tirpitz Museum: Exhibitions about the battleship Tirpitz that was in the Altafjord for 2 years and was attacked many times by the British.
  • Hjemmeluft: The 2–6000-year old rock carvings in Alta are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and provide a unique insight into how the people of the Stone Age thought. A 3-km (2-mile) gangway system takes you on a tour of the site.
  • Alta Centre: Alta is a relatively new and modern town on pine-clad slopes above the Altafjord. Good selection of shops and restaurants.
  • Northern Lights Cathedral: modern, new church inspired by the Northern Lights.
  • Trip by riverboat from Sorrisniva to the impressive Sautso canyon, one of Europe's deepest canyons.
  • An extensive winter programme with Northern Lights, ice hotel, snowmobiles and dog sledding.

Distances and traffic information:

  • Olderdalen — Alta: 220 km (137 miles)/3 hours
  • Tromsø — Alta: 309 km (192 miles)/5–6 hours
  • Special circumstances: Kvænangsfjellet mountain can sometimes be closed for short periods in winter. 

Alta — Honningsvåg — North Cape

Sennalandet is an area of mountains and plains with high horizons. You can drive down to Hammerfest from Skaidi. The North Cape Tunnel on the west side of the Porsangerfjord leads to Magerøya, Europe's northernmost land mass. Magerøya is dotted with fishing villages, and the North Cape plateau is 307 metres (1007 feet) above the Arctic Sea.

  • Skaidi: The hub of the plain, with cabins and hotels. Detour to Hammerfest (55 km (34 miles)/50 minutes), the world's northernmost town and Northern Norway's oldest; an Arctic micro-city with a distinctive city atmosphere.
    • The Museum of Post-War Reconstruction tells the story of the fire and destruction in this region in 1944–45.
    • Hammerfest Church, built in 1961, is a colourful modern church.
    • The Royal and Ancient Polar Bear Society is an exclusive club for visitors to Hammerfest. Exhibitions on the city's history and hunting in the Arctic Ocean.
    • The Meridian Column marks the end of a number of points that were used to measure the size of the globe in the 1800s. The full series, the Struve Arc, is on UNESCO's World Heritage list.
  • Olderfjord: Crossroads; turn left on the E69 for the North Cape.
  • Smørfjord: Exit to the National Tourist Route to Havøysund (81 km (50 miles)/1.5 hours), through Arctic birch forest to the plains by the sea. Boats go from the village of Havøysund to the tiny communities of Måsøy, Ingøy and Hjelmsøy.
  • North Cape Tunnel: 6.85 km (4.26 miles) long, 212 metres (696 feet) deep, leading to Magerøya and the North Cape. You can drive straight to the North Cape from here, but we recommend a few detours to some of the numerous settlements on the island.
  • Honningsvåg: Fishing village and little town with shops, restaurants and plenty of accommodation. 2 km (1.2 miles) from the E69.
  • North Cape Museum.
  • King crab safari
  • The Arctico Ice bar gives you winter in the summer
  • Kamøyvær: Small fishing village. The Gallery East of the Sun boasts exciting collages by the artist Eva Schmutterer. 2 km (1.2 miles) from the E69.
  • Gjesvær: Fishing village on the west coast of Magerøya, offering bird safaris to Gjesværstappan, one of Norway's biggest bird cliffs. 20 km (12 miles)/30 minutes from the E69.
  • Skarsvåg: The world's northernmost fishing village. Short hike to Kirkeporten, a natural arch of stone through which you can see the North Cape. 3 km (1.9 miles) from the E69.
  • Nordkapp: The northernmost point in Europe and a must-see for all travellers — a cliff that towers 307 metres (1007 feet) above the Arctic Ocean. Entry fee allows access to the Supervideografen film and to the entire site. Midnight sun from 14 May to 29 July.

Distances and traffic information:

  • Alta — Honningsvåg: 208 km (129 miles)/3 hours
  • Honningsvåg — North Cape: 34 km (21 miles)/30 minutes
  • The road over Sennalandet (Alta to Olderfjord) sometimes closes in winter in extreme weather conditions. It may also be necessary to drive in a convoy.
  • In winter, the only way to drive the last 13 km (8 miles) to the North Cape is in a convoy that departs once a day. 

Tourist informations along the route