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Worth knowing - Safety first

These articles may help you plan your holiday in Northern Norway, and make you aware of some safety aspects. 

Safe in the Northern Norwegian winter

Although Northern Norway is sparsely populated, has changeable weather and is a long way north, it is generally a safe region to visit. However, there are a few things of whic  Read more

Radio Northern Norway – Your FM Radio works again

Radio Nord-Norge (Radio Northern Norway) transmits in English on the FM network, providing useful information and some local insight in their daily “International hour”.  Read more

Dressed for winter

Flip-flops, Bermuda shorts and mini-skirts? In summer, maybe. In winter, nope. Up north it is all about woollen socks, fleece jackets and knitted mittens in the winter. Follow  Read more

Safe in Northern Norway in summer

Northern Norway is generally a safe place for your summer holiday. Just bring warm clothes and good footwear, don't venture onto glaciers alone, and check the weather forecast  Read more

Road sense: Top tips to keep safe on the roads this summer

Northern Norway is a truly beautiful place. So beautiful in fact that it would be easy to become distracted and drive off the road. Of course, we want you to have a safe and e  Read more

Ten things you should know about the right to roam

Most of Northern Norway consists of unspoiled nature. Here, you can usually go where you want, if you show respect and consideration. Here, we have drawn up a quick overview,  Read more

The "Right to Roam" — Freedom with responsibility in the great outdoors

The right to roam gives you the right to walk along the shoreline, through forests and in the mountains across the whole of Northern Norway. However, you must remember that yo  Read more

The weather — not as cold as you think

Talking about the weather is a serious business in Northern Norway. For a start, we call it "he", as in "he's in a bad mood today". It's not surprising, since the weather up h  Read more
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