Radio Nord-Norge (Radio Northern Norway) transmits in English on the FM network, providing useful information and some local insight in their daily “International hour”.

Silent radio

The Norwegian FM network has gone completely silent, as the state broadcaster NRK and the bulk of private channels switched to the more digital-friendly DAB+ network in 2017. Since most visitors from abroad only have FM in their car radio, this means the drive around Norway will be very quiet. Or maybe not?

Radio Northern Norway

There is, however, a way out. Radio Nord-Norge (Radio Northern Norway) is a new, private radio station using the FM Network. They are operational in the Harstad/Kvæfjord/Tjeldsund area. By July 2018 they also transmit in Mosjøen/Mo i Rana, as well as in selected areas throughout the north. More areas are added all the time.

Useful – and entertaining

Radio Northern Norway informs about the weather, road conditions and other useful things for the traveller. They also discuss tourist attractions and interesting regions. In-depth interviews with members of the international community in the north offer a glimpse into life in the North. They daily transmission in English (Monday-Friday), “International Hour”,  starts at 9am and lasts about an hour.

Tune in

Radio Nord-Norge (Radio Northern Norway) has its own website, and you can go in and listen online from around the world.