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War & Reconstruction

The most dramatic events of World War II took place in Northern Norway: the Battle of Narvik in 1940, the front line that was just east of Kirkenes for three years, the sinking of the German battleship Tirpitz and the total destruction of Finnmark and Troms at the end of the war. Finnmark, North Troms, Narvik and Bodø were all rebuilt after World War II, and Northern Norway was modernised and industrialised, while at the same time it was part of the front line during the Cold War

Five historic places in Northern Norway

Northern Norway has been inhabited for at least 10,000 years. A long Sami history, the Viking chieftains of Hålogaland, the dried fish trade, and a dramatic World War II...  Read more

Following in the tracks of Jan Baalsrud

Reality is sometimes even more dramatic than authors and film-makers can imagine. The story of Jan Baalsrud's escape through occupied Northern Norway in the spring of 1943 has  Read more

Red Cross War Memorial Museum

In the spring of 1940, Nazi Germany suffered its first defeat in Narvik at the hands of Norwegian, British, French and Polish forces. The Red Cross War Memorial Museum tells t  Read more

Grenselandmuseet - The Borderland Museum

160,000 soldiers, 10,000 civilians, 1000 air raid sirens and 328 air raids: the theatre of war in Sør-Varanger during the Second World War was played out on a grand scale....  Read more

Andersgrotta — a bomb shelter in Norway's most heavily bombed town

During the Second World War, the air raid siren sounded in Kirkenes, Norway over a 1000 times, and the town was bombed on 328 occasions. To escape the death and destruction, t  Read more

Historical walks on Trondenes

The stunning peninsula of Trondenes, within walking distance of Harstad town centre, is a treasure trove of sights, all worth a visit. However, it can be just as rewarding to  Read more

A Reminder of the Cold War

When the Soviet Union shot down a U2 spy plane on 1 May 1960, the world was on the verge of a new war, and Bodø was the centre of attention.  Read more

Lofoten War Museum

The Lofoten War Museum covers the war in Lofoten, Northern Norway and the rest of Norway, through an impressive collection of artefacts, including some sensational revelations  Read more

Museum Nord – All about Narvik

From being just a single farm, Narvik was transformed into a centre of growth and the most modern town in Northern Norway in just five years. Museum Nord gives you the full, f  Read more

Batterie Dietl

An awesome military strongpoint for giant World War II guns is today a peaceful and very beautiful vantage point; join us on a guided tour of the Batterie Dietl coastal batter  Read more

Glomfjord industrial town

The industrial history of Glomfjord stands in sharp contrast to the coastal and Sami cultures of Northern Norway. Glomfjord enjoyed great prosperity in its boom years, but it  Read more

Tirpitz - war drama in the North

One of the great dramas of World War II was played out in Northern Norway; the gigantic German battleship Tirpitz kept huge Allied forces tied down for three years, before it  Read more

The Museum of Reconstruction in Hammerfest

75 000 people were forcibly evacuated from Finnmark and Northern Troms in 1944-45, 25 000 of whom fled to the mountains. Robbed of their visible history, after the war the peo  Read more

Kirkenes – a flashpoint in World War II

Seventy years ago, Kirkenes found itself on the front line of one of the coldest, hardest and most merciless theatres of World War II: the Murmansk front.  Read more

Troms Military Museum in Setermoen

Of all the regions in Norway, Inner Troms is the one where the military presence is most noticeable. The Military Museum in Setermoen tells the story of the military in Inner  Read more
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