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National Scenic Routes in Northern Norway

The national scenic routes are unique car routes through the highlights of the Norwegian countryside. Northern Norway has seven of the country's national scenic routes. That s  Read more

Senja's outer coast

Senja has two coastlines — a green and gentle inner coast, and a grim, exposed outer coast. So why are the most important settlements on the outer coast? Because that's...  Read more

National Tourist Route on Andøya

The North Atlantic beats against a naked coastline on the outer edge of Andøya. Dark, threatening mountain formations, white sandy beaches, Norway’s largest peat bogs and...  Read more

National Tourist Route in Varanger

In Norway’s farthest northeastern corner, where hard rock meets the Barents Sea, where Norwegian culture meets Sami and Finnish cultures, lies a unique national tourist...  Read more

National Tourist Route Helgeland

650 kilometres and six ferry crossings, spectacular mountain formations, tens of thousands of islands, a rich cultural heritage, seabird colonies, an enormous glacier, caves a  Read more

National Scenic Route in Lofoten

The National Scenic Route through Lofoten runs through some of the country's most dramatic landscapes, and is exceptionally beautiful. And even then you have to set aside time  Read more
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