Northern Norway is just as beautiful from below. Come along and discover the delights concealed beneath the waves in Northern Norway.

All kinds of diving

The richest sea in the world is packed with life. The landscape is just as dramatic beneath the water as it is above. Numerous ship and plane wrecks along the coast provide opportunities for fascinating wreck diving – many of the wrecks are from World War II. Many of the narrow sounds off Northern Norway are perfect for classic diving, and out on the edge of the continental shelf, the conditions are idea for wall diving.

Where and when

Diving companies can organise diving trips all along the coast of Northern Norway. You will need a diver’s certificate and a dry-suit certificate – or extensive experience in using dry suits. The waters off Northern Norway are generally too cold for wetsuit diving. Experienced divers can easily arrange their own dives. A range of organised trips are also available in Northern Norway. You can dive here all year round.

Strongest there is

According to National Geagraphic, Saltstraumen is "One of the best diving destinations in the World". Read more about Saltstraumen, strongest there is.