Riverboats have long traditions on rivers such as the Alta, Tana and Reisa. Riverboats enable you to venture far into the wilderness and experience the nature from close range.

Ancient tradition

Riverboats are slim, flat-bottomed vessels, perfect for the shallows, rocks and sandbanks in the rivers. Punting was previously used, but this method has today been replaced by motors. A trip by riverboat is a safe and peaceful experience providing the opportunity to experience the nature from close range. Perhaps you will spot a moose near the riverbank, a jumping salmon breaking the water surface or a white-tailed eagle hovering overhead.

Organised tours

Scheduled riverboat trips are organised on the large rivers in the north for groups and individuals during the summer season. Adding to this unique experience are forays for lunch on a beach or stops at beautiful spots like the historic graveyard in Maze on the Finnmarksvidda mountain plain or the 269 m high Mollisfossen waterfall in the Reisa Valley.