Thon Hotel Kautokeino offers guests a snow cinema, crazy golf and a naturally chilled ice bar in the heart of the Finnmarksvidda plateau. Ice Adventure is for fun-loving visitors in one of the coldest places in Norway.

A cold place

Kautokeino is one of the coldest places in the country, and during the coldest spells in January and February, the temperature can drop to as low as -50 C (-58 F), though you can generally expect about -20 C (-4 F). You would think that everyone would stay indoors in conditions like these, but in Kautokeino it is quite the reverse. It is a dry type of cold, and as a rule there is not a breath of wind this far inland. Wrapped up in woollen underclothes and a snowmobile suit, you can stay out for much longer than you would ever think possible. So Thon Hotel Kautokeino encourages locals and hotel guests to go outside. When the winter night settles over the Finnmarksvidda plateau, the walls creak in the frost, and the Northern Lights dance in the skies, the hotel invites everyone to watch a movie, play crazy golf or have a drink at the bar—all outdoors.

Ice bar

We all know that the ice bar is the latest thing in Europe's big cities. However, the Kautokeino winter acts as an enormous freezer, so no artificial chilling is required. The bar serves a discerning selection of hot and cold drinks, and cocktails are usually served in glasses made of ice. The bar is like a huge snow cave, with ingeniously designed seating arrangements. The ice sculptures are illuminated with discreet lighting that shows off the elaborate details to their full advantage.

Ice cinema

Nowhere else in Norway is the snowmobile more popular than in Kautokeino, so obviously there had to be a drive-in cinema for them, complete with a large screen made of snow. The winter climate might be a little too extreme for full-length feature films, but conditions are perfect for short films of up to half an hour. Many of the films were made in Kautokeino by local production company Kautokeino Film (link). Viewers arriving on foot are also welcome, and comfortable reindeer skin seating is provided for them in this snow amphitheatre.

Crazy golf course

Naturally, the crazy golf course is also made of ice. The tiny fairways are of varying degrees of difficulty, with the easiest holes at the beginning, but getting steadily more difficult, eventually developing into spirals and mazes, keeping the excitement going right up to the end.

Winter phenomenon

Many of the best things in life are transitory, and after a career from early January, the bar thaws sometime in April. Perhaps that's just as well, since mild breezes and spring sunshine don't provide the same atmosphere as sparkling frost. Instead, you can look forward to next winter, when Ice Adventure returns in a new incarnation.