Here are five Northern Norwegian autumn festivals to give your taste buds something to savour

The taste of autumn produce

In the autumn, when the berries have been picked and the sheep brought down from the high pastures, it is time to get together over good food and drink. This is the time to enjoy the sweetness from the long summer days and midnight sun. Somehow things taste better while it's still warm enough to eat and drink outdoors—though you'll be glad of a warm jacket—especially when you join the sociable folk of Northern Norway to eat, drink and be merry.

  1. The SMAK food festival in Tromsø fills Storgata with well hung lamb, home-brewed beer, sausages stuffed in Northern Norway, ice cream made from Northern Norwegian berries and much more. Graze over lunch and wander from stall to stall, meet up with friends for beer tasting in small glasses and enjoy an excellent dinner in a lavvo tent in the Market Square.
  2. Vesterålen Food Festival celebrates the archipelago's location in the middle of the Gulf Stream, with events and good food all over the archipelago. The main focus of the folk festival is traditional food and the chance to get together with your friends. If you go to all the events, you will get to taste traditional food that we rarely make these days in our busy, modern lives. 
  3. The Sami village of Unjargga/Nesseby in East Finnmark is where you will find Vuonnamárkanat, a market dating back to 1688. This is an opportunity to taste Sami food and perhaps buy Sami specialities such as reindeer meat, freshwater fish and berries.
  4. The picturesque Sjøgata Street in Mosjøen is where famous master chefs and up-and-coming chefs come together during theArktisk Mat food festival. Workshops, talks, demonstrations, lunches and dinners are all part of a mouth-watering weekend. 
  5. Smak Svalbardis the northernmost food festival in the world and invites visitors to taste Arctic delicacies in October. On offer is a mix of full-course formal dinners in Longyearbyen's surprisingly elegant restaurants, pop-up meals and cookery courses.