Mount Stetind in Nordland has been voted Norway’s national mountain. Why not try a guided tour to the summit, 1392 metres above sea level.

Your encounter with Norway’s national mountain

You are on your way up one of the classic mountains in the field of Norwegian mountaineering. So far, things have gone incredibly easily. The view takes your breath away. This is Norway’s most beautiful climb. Peaks in varying shades of blue stretch all the way to the Swedish border, the fjord and ocean can be seen in the other direction. “Secure!” shouts your guide. You do as he says. You know that his company’s motto is “Off the beaten track - in safe hands.” And it sums up just what you are feeling right now. Soon you will pass the “six to eight embittered finger-holds,” that Petter Wessel Zapffe described when climbing right here – the tiny part that requires mountaineering skills. You draw your breath, feeling tense and a little anxious. At the foot of the mountain you were determined to meet the challenge, now it’s sink or swim. The rope is tight.  “Come on,” they shout. You take the first step...

Mount Stetind – guided trip to the summit

A successful climb on Mount Stetind is within reach if you are in reasonably good shape as a hiker, and have a little willpower. It is not a difficult climb, but it can be rather exposed in places. With a normal portion of acrophobia, things will go fine. If you are very afraid of heights, however, the climb will be all the more a challenge. We offer you a climb to the top with guides who are authorized climbing instructors from the Norwegian Mountaineering Forum (Norsk Fjellsportforum), or a similar organisation. The climb to the top takes about 12-15 hours and three participants are the required minimum. Your accommodations will be at Stetind Hotel at the foot of the mountain.

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