Tor Halvorsen, artist and self-declared decadent "creator", welcomes you to his gallery and home in an abandoned fisherman's house in Røst, where coastal culture meets glamour in a thoughtful yet humorous exhibition.


The pictures in the gallery seem to be geometric patterns, psychedelic squiggles or abstract surfaces. But if you look more closely, you will see that these are photographs of everyday life in Røst. The drying racks hung with thousands of cod, the open-mouthed ugliness of a dried cod's head, or a cod's eye staring out from a tub. And these images are not manipulated; they're real photos, taken from unusual angles, then mounted on plexiglas, aluminium or plastic to express the essence of Røst in a completely new way.


The interior makes as strong an impression as the pictures themselves. You can't forget that you are in an old fisherman's house, with its worn wooden floors, darkened roof beams and corrugated iron sheets. The kitchen is made of wooden pallets, and the curtains at the kitchen windows are remnants of planks from a Midsummer bonfire. The "three wise men" are three driftwood planks. In striking contrast to this is the "bling" of candelabras, design chairs and chandeliers. The wall beside a large window looking out onto Stavøya and a multitude of islands is decorated with sequinned material reminiscent of fish scales and the shimmering sea. The whole is a blend of city-slick luxury and rustic simplicity.

Decadent creator

Tor trained as a hairdresser in Lillestrøm. However, he broke free from that mould a long time ago, and now works as stylist, photographer, interior designer, party styler and event organiser. He does everything from the heart; there is no right or wrong way, and the spirit must be open to trying new things. He sees trends as inspiration.

Why Røst?

Tor had reached the point when he had grown tired of the spruce forests of South East Norway. Life was a little too predictable, with no big challenges. That's why he chose Northern Norway, where people live with oppressive darkness in winter and dazzling midnight sun in the summer; a place where contrast is your best friend. A fishing community that lives for each day — maybe a fisherman will return, maybe not. 


You are also welcome to attend functions at the gallery — dazzling, sparkling occasions. The guests become models on a catwalk made from pallets, the smoke machine is working full-out, the lighting is perfect and Lady Gaga and Madonna resonate under the roof beams. The old fisherman's house has turned into a restaurant, bar and night club!

Visiting the gallery

Røst is not the place for fixed opening times, and nor is the gallery. Ask your hotel or B&B to phone Tor, and he will open the gallery if he can. It's within walking distance from most of the accommodation. In fact, almost everything on Røst is within easy reach by bicycle — the preferred mode of transport. 

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You can get an idea of what Tor is about on his website And is the website of the local tourist organisation, Destination Lofoten, with information about the whole archipelago.