A gigantic glacier, the world’s strongest maelstrom, the distinctive old trading post at Kjerringøy and Hamsun’s prose surround the bustling coastal junction of Bodø.

A city in the wind

Exposed towards the Vestfjord leg of the Norwegian Sea, under the watchful eye of sea eagles and a key port of the shipping lanes, lies the colourful and pulsating university city of Bodø. The cultural events, concerts, nightlife and excellent restaurants of the town are a great starting point for heading out into the landscape of the Salten region. Closest to Bodø are “værran”, the island communities just beyond the port.

Cold and yet warm, hard and yet soft

The massive Svartisen glacier with its various glacial arms, Børvasstindan – the city mountains, the towering Steigartindan peaks and the border mountains to the east provide shelter for small lakes, sandy beaches and quiet valleys of orchids. The Saltstraumen maelstrom gives two fantastic performances each day.

Poetic coastal culture

The old seaside trading posts, the medieval stone churches, the small village museums, the wharfs, the traditional Nordland boats and the boathouses illustrate the coastal culture of the Salten region just as Hamsun described it in his novels. Keep an eye open for galleries, cultural centres, outdoor plays and speciality foods.

Five popular sights:

  • Saltstraumen, the world’s strongest tidal maelstrom 
  • Kjerringøy, the queen among the old trading posts in Northern Norway 
  • he Knut Hamsun Centre, a cultural centre at the Nobel prize winner’s home place 
  • Svartisen, a massive glacier with many arms 
  • The National Norwegian Aviation Museum in Bodø

Three popular summer activities:

  • Boat trips to “værran”, the island communities beyond Bodø 
  • Caving in Beiarn and Fauske 
  • Kayaking in the archipelago

Three popular winter activities:

  • Downhill and cross-country skiing in Sulitjelma 
  • RIB outings in the Bodø archipelago 
  • Christmas visits to Kjerringøy; culture and Christmas shopping

Five Bodø and Salten region surprises:

  •  “Svenskebyen” are Swedish houses which are now officially protected and were built in Bodø as part of the reconstruction after the bombing of the city 
  • Arran in Tysfjord is preserving the unique Lule Sami language which is spoken by a few hundred residents 
  • “Gamle Salten” is a well-preserved local freight boat from the 1950s that is fitted with lots of brass and mahogany 
  • “Møsbrømlefsa” is a type of Norwegian flatbread that is either loved or hated – and out and out feared by those who are lactose intolerant 
  • Join the Sea Eagle Club in Bodø


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