On board you will find a sauna, Hamam bath, Zen lounge, conference rooms, specially built galley, outdoor wooden bathtub. Follow a ritual Japanese tea ceremony on board the Vulkana as it made its way via Lofoten and Bodø to Kirkhellaren, a remarkable mountain cave on Træna

The journey from Japan to Træna

Eivind Austad spent more than a year in Japan studying tea. The tea ceremony is an ancient tradition in Japan, a tradition intended to celebrate the moment. Eivind brought his teacher home to Norway to travel to Træna in order to perform a traditional Japanese tea ceremony.

Ritual in tune with nature

During the 2009 Træna Festival they wanted to show what this ancient ritual is intended to convey at the magical Kirkhellaren cave on the island of Sanna. But could an audience of Norwegian festival-goers learn the Way of Tea? See the programme at www.nrk.no.

Good helpers and new experiences along the way

On the journey from Tromsø Eivind and his teacher search for herbs, cups and equipment for their ceremony. The boat docks at the lively fishing village of Henningsvær. The pair ramble up the grassy slopes to mountain peaks affording views of Vestfjorden and the entire Lofotveggen mountain range. At the top they find the mountain herbs that will be dried and made into a local tea.

One of their good helpers is Glasshytta in Henningsvær, a family owned firm of glassmakers located at Engelskmannsbrygga. Here the Japanese tea master makes his own teapot. Together with its customers Glasshytta can create all kinds of hand-blown glassware, from dram and wine glasses, candleholders and bowls to decorative fish and Christmas angels. The workshop is open to the public, and on certain days you can blow your own crystal ball. Read more about Glasshytta at www.engelskmannsbrygga.no

The converted whaling vessel crosses Vestfjorden, where it previously hunted the numerous minke whales.no w it serves as a tourist and bathing boat. On its way to Bodø, the town on the world’s most beautiful coastline. At the market in the centre of town Eivind searches for fresh vegetables for the important dinner they will have on Træna. At a second-hand shop in Sjøgata they find suitably rustic teacups that are just right for the cathedral-like surroundings of Kjerkhellaren. Read more about shopping and sightseeing opportunities in Bodø at www.visitbodo.com.

Magical Træna

Finally, Eivind, the tea master and their good helpers arrive in Træna, a landmark far out on the Helgeland coast. Staying at the charming Lovund Rorbuhotell is highly recommended. The hotel serves fish dishes of every kind based on locally sourced produce. Be adventurous and try one of the region’s local delicacies: cod’s tongues. Read more at www.lovund.no

The journey continues to Træna, where the popular Træna Festival takes place. During the festival the tea master performs a ritual tea ceremony in Kirkhellaren, which is a vast open cave with views over the sea that once gouged it out of the mountainside. The cave is situated on the island of Sanna, and resembles the interior of a vast church, hence the name. Read more about the spectacular Træna Festival at www.trena.net.

The bathing boat Vulkana

On board you will find a sauna, Hamam bath, Zen lounge, conference rooms, specially built galley, outdoor wooden bathtub. Read more at www.vulkana.no