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West-Finnmark: North Cape, Hammerfest, Alta

All about Summer-Alta

6,000 rock carvings, riverboat trips up to the mighty canyon in Sautso, the dramatic story of the sinking of the Tirpitz: Alta offers some unique impressions. Golf, summer dog  Read more

The world’s most northerly summer city

An urban surprise along a barren, mostly uninhabited coast, Hammerfest has summer atmosphere by the bucketful.  Read more

The Energy House in Hammerfest

08.05.2012 – Hammerfest was the first town in Northern Europe to get electricity. It lasted an hour. Then there was a blackout for a year before the lights came back. Today,...  Read more

Mountain biking over the Finnmark plateau

It's almost as if the Finnmark plateau was made for mountain biking, and GLØD Explorer takes small groups on cycling trips and off-road expeditions out in the wilderness.  Read more

On mountain walks round Hammerfest

Untamed, naked and barren; the area round Hammerfest is where the mountains and highland plateau meet the Arctic Ocean. And yet it’s easy and not at all risky to follow the...  Read more


The most northerly county of Norway is also the most easterly, the biggest, and the most ethnically diverse.  Read more
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